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Teta-Maria Stone

Teta-Maria Stone

Name: Teta-Maria Stone School: St Mackenzie's Status: Emo Statistics: 5'7 (32D-23-33) Favourite subject: Art (photography) Best Friend(s): Detentions: 7 Report Card:

29th June 2010 / Number of pictures: 140
Amy & Teta-Maria are in an English lesson. Normally this is one of their favourite lessons but it is proving very dull on this morning. So to make it a bit more entertaining Amy puts Miss Nicola’s book out on the window ledge knowing that she will struggle to get it back. As Miss tries to retrieve the book Amy & Teta-Maria strip naked behind her back!
27th January 2010 / Length of video: 5:26
Miss Nicola is trying to teach Amy & Teta-Maria The Tempest but unfortunately they are in a naughty mood. As they throw chalk at poor Miss Nicola she cannot help getting confused as to where the chalk is coming from, and while she is trying to pick all the chalk up off the floor our two Emos strip naked in their seats without Miss even noticing!
28th December 2009 / Number of pictures: 140
Teta-Maria is in another detention for sneakily listening to her iPod in class. However Miss Keira does not miss a thing, and when Teta-Maria tries to listen to her iPod in the detention as well she has no option but to confiscate it. Deciding to hear for herself what Emos are so distracted by Miss Keira fails to notice Teta-Maria stripping naked behind her back.
16th November 2009 / Number of pictures: 100
Amy & Teta-Maria are in detention once again for wearing incorrect uniforms. You would think they would learn their lesson, but we all know they never will and we all prefer it that way if we are honest? They of course have no intention of completing their lines and instead strip each other, not really caring if they get caught.
4th November 2009 / Length of video: 3:03
Teta-Maria is in trouble again and Miss Nicola had no option but to put her in a detention to make sure she gets all her work done. Tired from a stressful day teaching Miss Nicola canâ??t help falling asleep and after realising this Teta-Maria strips naked throwing all her uniform and underwear over a sleeping Miss, leaving her like a sleeping clothes horse!
10th October 2009 / Length of video: 2:17
Teta-Maria has skipped her lesson but after a while she is bored. So she decides to break into the staff room and, knowing where Miss Elle hides her camera, does a naughty strip while taking pictures of herself, first in her underwear then naked. She knows when Miss Elle downloads her pictures she will be in for a naughty surprise.
28th September 2009 / Number of pictures: 60
Teta-Maria is having her advanced art lesson and Miss Elle is teaching her about drawing the human form. Miss Elle finds this easier if Teta-Maria is naked and she is of course happy to oblige. Then with the lesson over and being left all alone Miss Elle cannot help stripping completely naked and checking her own form.
7th September 2009 / Number of pictures: 50
Amy & Teta-Maria have had enough of the teachers telling them how to behave and telling them what they should be wearing. They want to be free to express themselves! So they sneak into the staff room and perform some of there voodoo magic spells, hoping it will free the minds of their teachers... but instead it seems to free them of their clothes!
19th August 2009 / Length of video: 3:27
Having stolen strong lacquer from the staff room Teta-Maria & Amy head to the dorms. Having drunk most of it by the time they get to the stairs they are already tipsy, and feeling naughty they strip each other naked. Amy then lets Teta-Maria tie her hands behind her back not realising Teta-Maria is planning to leave her naked on the stairs!
4th August 2009 / Length of video: 2:52
In trouble with Miss Elise for scratching messages into the desks Teta-Maria is having to do lines on the blackboard. While Miss Elise is called out the classroom and very bored of her lines she strips off all her sexy little uniform and lacy lingerie leaving her gorgeous body completely naked and exposed for the hidden camera to capture for you all to see!
21st June 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
When Amy & Teta-Maria are feeling a bit sensitive about all their deep Emo feeling and issues it definitely helps them relax by stripping off their very non-regulation uniforms. Seeing each other naked and playing with each others gorgeous bodies helps them forget it all as they end up naked except for their sexy fishnets.
13th April 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
All our Emos together with all their deep and meaningful emotions running wild. They manage get over all their feelings by concentrating on stripping off their non-regulation uniforms, exposing all their gorgeous bodies.
1st April 2009 / Number of pictures: 100
Teta-Maria's skirt could not be any shorter and it is definitely not regulation uniform, but with legs that long who could blame her for wanting her to show them off, so I turn a blind eye when she wears it, it would be rude not to. She still strips all her uniform off when she gets a chance and the rest of her body is unbelievably sexy too!