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Roxy Payne

Roxy Payne

Name: Roxy Payne School: St Mackenzie's Status: Indie Statistics: 5'8 (32C-22-32) Favourite subject: Music Best Friend(s): Jay Harris Detentions: 3 Report Card:

19th June 2015 / Number of pictures: 65
Roxy has gone to the staff room to escape the torment of the Chavs. She is wearing a sexy outfit, tight denim shorts over cute patterned tights, a black vest top and a hot leather jacket. As she relaxes she starts to strip off her outfit, showing her gorgeous lingerie underneath. She slips off her heels, peels off her tights and then slips of her lingerie too.
16th March 2015 / Length of video: 11:54
Roxy has been fighting in hockey and Lizzie has hit her around the ankles in front of Miss, so seeing an opportunity she makes out she needs to see Matron. She fake limps into the room then sits down and waits. She is soon bored and after having a look around and realising there is nothing to do she starts to slip off her sexy gym kit. She plays with her gorgeous long hair as she wonders around Matrons room, trying to keep herself occupied. As she continues to strip she shows you her gorgeous polka dot lingerie with the pretty lace back as she bends over in front of you. She slips off her top, her bra and finally her panties leaving her completely naked!
22nd December 2014 / Length of video: 12:29
Roxy has gone to the library to read up on a subject I have asked her to research. She is wearing a very sexy outfit including skin tight jeans. As she reads she knows you are watching her so decides to tease. So she loosens some of clothing before slipping off her sexy jacket and cute top showing you her gorgeous red lace bra. As she looks through the books in the book case you can get a good view of her pert ass in her tight jeans, but you will have an even bigger feast for the eyes as she slips off her high heels and jeans leaving her in her sexy red lace lingerie. However it is not long before she slips off her lingerie too leaving her completely nude!
7th November 2014 / Number of pictures: 85
Kayleigh has been stirring things again by wearing her old school tie. She has been fighting in class so has been sent to my office with Roxy & Kym. As they wait outside Roxy is still enraged so starts the fight again. Soon it gets out of hand and as they pull off each other’s uniform, ending up naked, Kayleigh gets a hard slap she wasn’t expecting!
19th September 2014 / Number of pictures: 125
Roxy has woken up late; she isn’t bothered though as she has Maths first thing and missing it is a bonus, even if she will get in trouble. She is still wearing her sexy pajamas and as she pulls back the duvet decides she should really go to her lessons. So she slips off her nightwear, gets down from her bunk and dresses in her sexy uniform.
28th July 2014 / Length of video: 14:50
Kayleigh & Roxy have been left alone in their lesson. The two girls don't really see eye to eye and some jealously, mainly from Kayleigh starts to show. She starts to show off, stripping of items of her uniform, and not to be outdone Roxy starts to strip too. They bicker and argue as they slip more and more items off.Still arguing Kayleigh & Roxy are soon down to just their underwear. It would appear they do not care if they get caught. As they slag each other off they end up topless and eventually slip their panties off too! Then, in nothing but their socks & shoes, they quickly sit back down thinking they may hear Miss returning!
25th March 2014 / Number of pictures: 90
Our scruffy new student Roxy has fit in with the Indies well. They loved her ‘don’t care less’ attitude and relaxed, carefree style with her clothes. She is now wearing her sexy new Indies uniform the others picked out for her and she looks amazing. She looks even better as she strips it all off, including her sexy new lingerie!
13th March 2014 / Number of pictures: 90
Still looking a scruffy mess, Roxy has turned up at my office for her induction. She has already been told by Deputy Drogan to smarten herself up before coming to see me, so as she waits she thinks maybe she should make an effort. But it turns out ‘an effort’ is getting naked rather than tucking in her shirt & straightening her tie!
1st March 2014 / Number of pictures: 90
We have another new student who has turned up looking rather scruffy. I think she is just expressing herself but she may turn out to be trouble. You can decide as she slowly slips off her blazer, skirt, short & tie. Then in just her white cotton underwear you may have decided already, but as she slips that off too you will know for sure.