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Naomi Raine

Naomi Raine

Name: Naomi Raine School: St Mackenzie's Status: Chav (former Totty) Statistics: 5'7 (32DD-25-35) Favourite subject: Home Economics (food fight)! Best Friend(s): Cat O'Connell Detentions: 12 Report Card:

29th September 2012 / Number of pictures: 85
Cat & Naomi have been sent to Deputy Elise’s office for misbehaving in class. As they wait for Miss to arrive they dare each other to strip. They climb all over the desk, stripping off their sexy little uniforms and then all their naughty lingerie too. Fully nude part from their stockings, suspenders and heels they sit back down to wait:).
17th June 2012 / Length of video: 7:16
Naomi has been caught in bed when she should be in lessons and has been sent to Deputy Elise’s office. As she waits for Miss to arrive she is still tired and climbs on the desk to get some more sleep. She cannot get comfortable and slowly slips off her cute pyjamas then falls asleep on the desk naked, I hope Miss doesn’t catch her!
27th April 2012 / Length of video: 6:57
Naomi has stolen Faye’s diary and has taken it to the attic to read it to her friends. As Candice, Cat & Naomi laugh at poor Faye’s personal thoughts they decide it would be funny to write about her on the walls. As they talk about her and make fun of her they strip off each other’s cute pyjamas and we are left with three naked naughty Chavs!
21st July 2011 / Number of pictures: 110
Candice, Cat & Naomi are in a detention for throwing things in class. Miss has popped out for a moment, which is a bad idea when you have three Chavs in detention. As soon as Miss has left they start misbehaving. They change what is written on the board before parading around the classroom stripping naked as they go!
1st January 2011 / Number of pictures: 110
Candice, Cat & Naomi have been out for New Years Eve and have been caught sneaking back into the dorms in the early hours of the morning in their party outfits. They have been sent to my office and told to wait. But they never do as they are told and as they wait they climb all over my desk pulling their dresses up and taking off their panties!
29th November 2010 / Number of pictures: 105
Candice, Cat & Naomi are in the dorms getting ready for a night out. They are very excited and they fool around as they get ready. First they strip of their sexy little school uniform & their sexy lingerie leaving them naked. They then slip on fresh panties and their cheeky party dresses and matching shoes ready to go and have some fun! :)
25th October 2010 / Number of pictures: 140
Cat & Naomi have a volatile relationship at the best of times but when Cat refuses to share her last cigarette with Naomi all hell breaks loose and a fight erupts. However on the plus side as the girls wrestle they pull off each other’s clothes leaving them both naked except for their shoes, stockings & suspender belts!
7th October 2010 / Length of video: 6:15
Candice & Naomi have been sent to my office for trying to sneak out in lesson time. They are in even more trouble as they are dressed in their revealing casual clothes rather than their uniform! When they see I am not in my office they soon cause havoc and end up stripping naked and having the audacity to sit naked while waiting my arrival.
25th September 2010 / Number of pictures: 110
Cat has got vodka and has gone to the attic store room to get drunk, and she is closely followed by Naomi. Cat does not want to share her vodka which annoys Naomi, so she writes bad things about Cat on the wall. The two girls get into a scuffle and as they pull at each others clothing they end up undressing each other and end up completely naked!
11th September 2010 / Number of pictures: 100
It’s time for the Chavs year book pictures. It does not go exactly as I planned and the poor photographer is not sure what to do as Candice, Cat & Naomi refuse to pose in the traditional way. Instead they strip off each others little uniforms and sexy lingerie leaving me with another batch of naked year book pictures!
13th August 2010 / Length of video: 5:16
Candice, Cat and Naomi have been out partying all night and are only getting back in the early hours of the morning. As return in their tiny little party outfits they notice Faye’s bed is empty, so they strip, get into their pyjamas, then all snuggle up in Faye's bed in a big sexy Chav pile... Faye will not be happy!
25th June 2010 / Number of pictures: 110
Naomi has had a serious row with the Totties! After dyed her hair brown and telling the Totties they are too dull and far too vain she has ditched them. Seeing an opportunity Candice has adopted Naomi into the Chavs and after a bit of a makeover you can see the results for yourselves, I think you will like the new Chavy Naomi!
27th May 2010 / Length of video: 3:17
Naomi is in detention again, and as she sits and writes her lines Maid Chloe comes in to clean the classroom. Naomi loves Chloe and her sexy little outfit and as she admires her Chloe slowly teases her and then starts to strip. Feeling a little naughty Naomi decides to strip off her cute little uniform too leaving them both naked!
19th May 2010 / Number of pictures: 100
Naomi is catching up on homework when Maid comes in to do a bit of cleaning. As Chloe dusts up high her tiny outfit rides up and Naomi cannot help but notice her pert bottom poking out and her cute French panties. Naomi loves the maids outfit so she asks Chloe to slowly strip for her so she can see the sexy maid naked then try her outfit on.
11th May 2010 / Number of pictures: 90
Kayla & Naomi have been sent up to their dorms early for arguing in class. There is a lot of pushing and shoving as Kayla is not impressed by Naomi hogging the mirror. You can watch them both as they the strip off their sexy little uniforms leaving them both naked before Naomi slips in her sexy pink baby doll and Kayla her tight little pyjamas.
29th April 2010 / Number of pictures: 90
Cat & Naomi are in detention with Miss Louise for fighting in History class. However they are not going to let a detention get in the way of finishing off what they started. As Miss turns her back on the two of them to fix the clock they start on each other again. As they roll around fighting on the floor their slowly but surely loose all their clothes...
25th April 2010 / Number of pictures: 110
Miss Lilly has been put on duty on the stairs to the dorms to make sure no girls sneak out at night. Unfortunately she was too late to catch Naomi sneaking out but has caught her snaking back in. Miss is not amused and makes Naomi strip off her tiny party outfit and sexy white lace lingerie before she sends her upstairs to bed!
23rd January 2010 / Length of video: 3:54
Naomi is in detention again for applying her makeup in class, but taking no notice, she continues to check her makeup behind Miss Louise’s back. Liking her refection in her little mirror she then starts to strip so she can admire the rest of her naked sexy body. However Miss catches her and Naomi is thrown out leaving an angry Miss to strip too.
3rd January 2010 / Length of video: 3:33
Miss Michelle has popped back to the staff room to quickly change her lingerie for later when she is going on a night out with Miss Louise. What she doesn’t know is Naomi sneaked into the staff room earlier and she is well hidden as she sits and watches Miss strip off her white lace lingerie and changes into her raunchy black & red set.
7th December 2009 / Number of pictures: 150
New student Naomi has fit in perfectly with the Totty and you will understand why when you see just how gorgeous she is with her fluffy blonde hair and cute little uniform. She will have you begging for more as she teases by slowly stripping off her uniform and baby pink lingerie leaving her in just her over the knee socks.