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Miss Holli

Miss Holli

Name: Miss Holli School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 5'6 (32E-34-32) Teaching subject: Home Economics Favourite Student: Number of years teaching: Teaching style:

17th September 2012 / Length of video: 5:54
Miss Holli is in the kitchen cooking up a sample to share with her class. She is very hot so she strips off a few items of clothing. The more clothing she removes the naughtier she feels. So she slips off her sexy lingerie too, leaving her nude apart from her stockings & suspenders. Let’s hope her cooking doesn’t splash on her!
27th July 2012 / Length of video: 6:09
Miss Holli has only just woken up; she is in need of a stiff drink before getting dressed and facing the students. There is no alcohol in the staff room so she has gone to the attic to look for the Chavs secret stash. As she searches she strips off her tight basque and panties leaving her nude apart from her sexy stockings & suspenders.
29th June 2012 / Number of pictures: 70
Sophie is in her HE class with Miss Holli. HE is Sophie’s favourite lesson and Sophie is Miss Holli’s favourite student. As they flirt with each other they start to strip off their cute uniform and sexy outfit. As things start to heat up even more they slip each other out of their pretty lingerie and carry on their lesson naked!
21st January 2012 / Number of pictures: 60
Miss Holli is giving Sophie a one on one cookery class. Sophie is wearing her uniform and Miss is wearing her revealing outfit with her short skirt that only just covers her stocking tops and suspenders. As the kitchen heats up they feel the only way to keep cool is to strip leaving them both nude apart from their socks and stockings.
29th November 2011 / Number of pictures: 100
Emma-Kate is in her HE class with Miss Holli. Emma-Kate has no time for HE and has no intention of listening. As Miss carries on teaching Emma-Kate strips off her tight uniform behind her back. She slips off her waistcoat and tailored shorts, her fitted shirt, tie and then her pretty blue lingerie, and is left in just her knee high socks and heels.
25th October 2011 / Number of pictures: 90
Miss Holli has insisted Emma-Kate attends a cookery classes as she has not been paying attention in class. Emma-Kate is not interested so she strips off her tight uniform while throwing flour at Miss Holli. This causes her to have to strip out of her sexy outfit also, leaving her in just her seamed stockings while cleaning up all the mess.
23rd August 2011 / Length of video: 8:13
Miss Holli is in the staffroom reading her recipe book and choosing her best recipes to share with her class. It is a very warm day and it is hot and stuffy in the staffroom. So as she reads she slips off her pretty little outfit. Left in just her sexy lingerie she still feels uncomfortable, so she slips off her bra which is just too tight on her huge breasts.
11th August 2011 / Number of pictures: 50
Miss Holli hasn’t been able to sleep well so has got up early and gone to the staffroom to read her recipe books. She hasn’t bothered to get dressed and is still wearing her nightwear, a tight sexy lace basque where her ample chest falls out of the top. As she reads she thinks about getting dressed properly and slips off her night wear completely.
9th June 2011 / Number of pictures: 80
Sophie is skiving PE and has gone to the staffroom, thinking it will be empty, to hide out. However after making herself comfortable Miss Holli turns up. Luckily for Sophie Miss Holli is very laid back and instead of telling Sophie off she offers her wine, then finds it very amusing as she gets drunk and strips off all her cute little PE kit in front of her!
7th May 2011 / Length of video: 6:19
Miss Holli is planning her next lesson and which is the best dish to get her class to prepare. As she writes the recipe on the board she gets very hot and flustered. So first she slips her straps down, then takes off her top and bra hoping it will cool her down. However she still feels uncomfortable so she slips off her skirt and panties too!
25th January 2011 / Number of pictures: 100
Introducing our new Home Economics teacher, Miss Holli. She has quite literally filled the position in every way possible ? As she strips off her cute little outfit with its tight revealing top, frilly mini skirt and sexy lingerie you will see every single curve of her gorgeous body as she is left naked except for her natural seamed stockings & suspender belt.