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Miss Franka

Miss Franka

Name: Miss Franka School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 5'10 (32E-34-33) Teaching subject: Chemistry Favourite Student: Fawna Latrisch Number of years teaching: 9 Teaching style: Crazy & Unorganised

16th December 2014 / Length of video: 13:20
I have called Miss Franka to my office to see how her distillery is getting on. She is wearing her smartest lime green suit for our meeting and underneath her skirt you can see the tops off her lace top holdups. As she waits she slowly slips off her sexy suit to reveal her pretty lingerie underneath and she looks very sexy indeed. As she rolls around on my desk in just her lingerie, holdups and high heels she will get your pulse racing. She slips off her heels, and slides down her holdups revealing her bare legs. Followed by her undoing her bra to show off her cheeky breasts, then slipping off her panties too showing you her sexy lady bush.
13th November 2014 / Number of pictures: 160
Sophia is in her Chemistry lesson with Miss Franka. Miss is trying to teach but Sophia has other ideas. She shows off her pretty seamed tights and as she does she starts to undress, and Miss appears powerless to stop her. Sophia slips off all her sexy uniform, heels, tights & lingerie leaving her totally nude before being sent out of class!
4th August 2014 / Length of video: 17:13
Miss Franka has burnt herself in one of her lessons, I have told her to be more careful but with the students constantly distracting her it often happens. She has gone to see Matron and as she waits she nurses her injury feeling sorry for herself. Feeling her clothes may get in the way of Matron tending to her she starts to strip. Still nursing her burn she does not notice you are spying on her as she is stripping. You are getting quite an eyeful as she slips off her all in one revealing her sexy bush. Once she is completely naked she lies back ready for Matron, and you are a very lucky boy being able to watch.
1st June 2014 / Number of pictures: 90
Miss Franka has been sent to the dorms to make sure no St Hugh’s students have snuck in. When she spots you she makes you strip off all your uniform to teach you a lesson. Then when you are naked she kicks you out into the corridor. However she doesn’t notice you creep back in and watch as she strips completely nude!
16th April 2014 / Length of video: 12:28
Miss Franka is having a time out in the staff room, glad of the break from the stressful lessons with troublesome students. She has found an interesting book to read, as she relaxes she realises the book is a bit steamy so feeling naughty she slowly start to slip off her sexy outfit, unaware you are watching her, one item at a time, you watch intently. You stare at her pert breasts, round bottom, long bare legs and amazing bush as she runs her hands all over her body. However she soon spots you spying on her and demands you strip for her seeing as you have seen her naked!
15th November 2013 / Number of pictures: 130
I have allowed Miss Franka to take a nap in my bed with lovely silk sheets. It is a great place for the teachers to recharge after a particularly stressful lesson. She strips off her sexy suit, pretty lingerie & natural lacetop holdups before slipping on one of my negligees and rubbing herself all over the silky sheets.
19th September 2013 / Number of pictures: 175
Sophia is in the library researching for her chemistry lesson. Miss Franka has found her to make sure she is studying the right material. However Sophia is in a naughty mood and as Miss tries to help she pulls at her clothes and starts to strip her. She slips off Miss’ outfit, pantyhose & lingerie leaving her completely nude & embarrassed.
9th August 2013 / Number of pictures: 100
Our new chemistry teacher Miss Franka is very interesting character. She is a complete exhibitionist and as she slowly slips off her lab coat, skirt & sexy body she leaves nothing to your imagination. You can see every inch of her cheeky body as she climbs all over the teacher desk completely naked!