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Miss Felicity

Miss Felicity

Name: Miss Felicity School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 5'5 (32C-25-34) Teaching subject: German Favourite Student: Number of years teaching: Teaching style:

1st November 2012 / Number of pictures: 160
Lisa in is her German lesson with Miss Millicent. Lisa is Miss’ favourite student and plans to do more than teach her German. She asks Lisa to strip and once nude she waits as Miss strips nude too! Miss takes great pleasure in Lisa binding her using her seamed pantyhose and then leaving her all defenceless on the classroom floor.
9th April 2012 / Number of pictures: 60
Miss Millicent had gone to the dorms dressed in her pretty pink satin night dress with sexy black lace trim. She plans to wait for her favourite student Lisa to come up to bed. She climbs up onto Lisa’s top bunk bed and slowly strips off her satin night dress and pulls down her frilly aunties, finally handcuffing herself to the bed!
21st March 2012 / Number of pictures: 65
Miss Millicent has sent for Lisa asking her to leave her PE lesson, she wants Lisa to indulge in her S&M. First, with Lisa’s help, she strips nude apart from her stockings and suspenders. Lisa happily applies Miss’ chains and straps to her thighs and neck, then, not wanting to look prudish, strips off her gym kit, gym panties and lingerie.
7th December 2011 / Length of video: 5:41
Deputy Head Elise has asked to see Miss Millicent. Miss Millicent arrives early and as she waits she eyes up the cane on the desk, and with her slight S&M tendencies, cannot resist. She taps it on her body, getting a little harder each time. She then slowly strips off her tight outfit and lingerie leaving her in just her white stockings & suspenders.
19th November 2011 / Number of pictures: 75
Miss Millicent as got herself into a pickle. The Chavs have tied her up in the attic and left her there! Miss Millicent secretly likes to be bound with the schools ties but she prefers to be naked. Luckily Miss Jayne stumbles up on her and unties her, and then Miss Millicent strips the both of them before being asked to be bound once more!
1st June 2011 / Number of pictures: 40
Miss Millicent is bored in between lessons so, remembering she has hidden some of her favourite bondage restraint items in the cupboard on the stairs; she heads to the cupboard to play. She has a quick look through the cupboard then finding her favourite padded she strips off her sexy outfit and then once naked she ties herself up.
13th April 2011 / Length of video: 5:26
Miss Millicent is bored in between lessons so has gone to find some of her many hidden away bondage bits. On the stairs she finds a paddle and some rope. So she has great fun slapping her bottom with the paddle as she strips off her tight little outfit and lingerie leaving her in just her stockings, suspenders and high heels.
13th March 2011 / Length of video: 6:58
Miss Millicent has gone to the staff room on her break. She is wearing her favourite tight leather trousers and as she rolls around on the sofa she rubs her legs and feels their soft texture. She finds her handcuffs behind a cushion and she is in her element as she strips off her sexy outfit and presses the cold of the handcuffs against her naked body.
17th February 2011 / Length of video: 6:43
Miss Millicent is bored in between lessons and only has one thing on her mind. She heads to the attic store room where she knows she has left her chains and her favourite leather handcuffs. She plays with her restraint equipment and as he gets more excited she slowly strips off her cute little outfit and bra so she can handcuff herself naked.
25th December 2010 / Number of pictures: 75
Miss Millicent has stayed at St Mackenzie’s for Christmas. She is full of Christmas sprit as she goes into the staffroom in her cute little Santa dress. She spots her fluffy tinsel she has been looking for and as she slowly slips off her little desk and lingerie she wraps the fluff around her wrists imagining how much fun it would be to be tied up with tinsel.
23rd February 2010 / Length of video: 3:44
Miss Millicent has decided to give me a nice surprise to cheer me. You can watch her as she prepares her binding equipment then slowly strips out of her tight little outfit, leaving her in just her silky white stockings, suspender belt & white lace thong. She handcuffs her feet & hand together then lies back on my desk waiting for me to arrive.
17th January 2010 / Length of video: 2:09
Miss Millicent is making sure her new handcuffs are strong enough, so she strips off her clothes leaving her in just a sexy lace thong, suspender belt and silky stockings. She then handcuffs herself to the beam, however holding the keys in her teeth while she does up the handcuffs, she accidently drops them! Lets hope someone finds her soon!
13th November 2009 / Number of pictures: 70
Miss Millicent is this months host for her S&M group and I was happy to offer St Mackenzie’s as the venue. You can watch as she prepares the classroom for her chaining demonstration and of course take a peak up her skirt as she reaches up to the rafters. Then finding her clothes restricting she strips to make sure she can finish her preparations fully.
16th October 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
Miss Millicent does not think Amy is taking her German grammar seriously so decides she should have to do more work. While Miss Millicent is practising her restraining knots Amy gets her own back by stripping behind her back. Frustrated and annoyed Miss Millicent cannot stop herself from tying a completely naked Amy to the desk!
16th August 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
Miss Millicent is our very conservative German teacher, or so she will have you believe. She is not very good at hiding her S&M fetish, especially when she cannot seem to stop restraining teachers and pupils when ever she gets the chance. She is also more than happy restraining herself, waiting to be found, hoping her pert little bottom will be spanked!