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Miss Du Bois

Miss Du Bois

Name: Miss Du Bois School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 6'1 (34A-26-38) Teaching subject: Drama & Dance Favourite Student: Natalia Forrest Number of years teaching: 7 Teaching style: Calm & Controlled

16th September 2015 / Length of video: 9:30
Jay has left her dance class saying she has hurt her foot. Miss Du Bois does not believe her so she has followed her to Matrons room. She tells Jay that she cannot just leave a lesson and if she insists on saying she is hurt then she had better strip off ready for Matron. So determined not to go back to her dance class Jay starts to strip. In just her thong Miss Du Bois then makes her strip that off too & orders her to lie down for Matron, but Jay has other ideas and leaves the room completely naked! A frustrated Miss Du Bois decides she should see Matron instead; maybe she can help with her stress levels. So she slips off all her sexy dance outfit too!
10th July 2015 / Length of video: 13:20
Miss Du Bois is waiting in my office, as she waits she sees you hiding under my desk. She knows you were hiding trying to catch a glimpse up my skirt. She tells you how you are a naughty boy and should be punished. However she also cant resist the urge to embarrass you, so she slowly starts to strip off her sexy outfit. As she continues to strip she explains how boys like you should be disciplined properly to stop you being so naughty. She slides down her white tights showing her bare legs, then slips off her crop top revealing her pert breasts. Seeing your reaction she decides it would be even more fun to slip off her panties too!
7th May 2015 / Number of pictures: 130
Miss Du Bois has a bit of a thing for satin so I have told her she can teat herself with a nap in my satin sheets. She is wearing her full length black satin night dress and as she roles around on my bed she can feel the satin sheets sliding against her. She then slips off her night dress & her lingerie so she can feel the satin against her naked body.
19th March 2015 / Number of pictures: 165
Jay is in a Drama lesson with Miss Du Bois. Jay has no interest so she decides it would be more fun to play up. So she slowly starts to slip off her sexy uniform. Miss tries to stop her but to no avail, Jay even strips off her lingerie leaving her in just her socks & heels. Miss sends her out in disgrace, but then she too strips off all her sexy outfit & lingerie!
22nd January 2015 / Length of video: 15:10
Miss Du Bois is in the dance studio practicing her ballet & modern dance infusion. As she stretches she sees you spying on her. She gives you a firm telling off, but then realises it might be more fun to toy with you instead, so she starts to tease you. She slips off her cardigan & skirt, and then peels off her tight ballet leotard. As she continues to stretch in front of you, wearing only her pretty lingerie, white tights & her ballet shoes. She knows how excited it makes you so she decides to take it further. She slips off her bra, her shoes then peels off her tights, and you know what is coming next don't you?! Yes, her cute panties are coming off too!
28th June 2014 / Length of video: 14:28
Miss Du Bois is preparing for her next lesson, but she soon realises you are watching her from under the desk. She gives you a stern talking to; you naughty boys from St Hughs are getting worse for sneaking in. However Miss is in a naughty mood so decides to tease you as she slowly starts to slip off her sexy outfit and bra. She is having a lot of fun teasing you, she knows you like the slightly older lady and as she slips off more and more items of clothing you are transfixed. She even lets you help pull her tights off her pointed feet, telling you that you can keep them as a souvenir! Finally, much to your delight, she slips off her panties too!
16th March 2014 / Length of video: 12:46
Miss Du Bois has gone to the staffroom to relax. She does not notice you spying on her as she stretches after a lengthy dance session. She is still wearing her black leotard, cardigan, ballet pumps, dance tights & wrap but she is clearly not comfortable so she starts to slip off her outfit, slowly exposing her body. In just her white tights & white thong as she bends over in front of you, still unaware you are watching intently. She slides off her tights then, to your delight, her thong too! She is completely exposed, and you get a welcome eye full, but you will soon be seen!
25th December 2013 / Number of pictures: 175
Miss Du Bois is practicing for her next ballet lesson in the dance studio. As she arches her body she starts to slip off her sexy ballet outfit, feeling you peering through the window watching her every move, she knows you want to see more. So she slips off every single item of clothing leaving nothing to your imagination!
29th November 2013 / Number of pictures: 180
We have a new Drama & Dance teacher, and I couldn’t have recruited a more appropriate candidate. Standing at 6’1 she has the longest legs, and I know she is going to keep any of you boys who sneak in on your toes. In her classroom for the first time she strips off her sexy outfit, pantyhose & lingerie leaving her totally nude!