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Micky Travis

Micky Travis

Name: Micky Travis School: St Mackenzie's Status: Misfit Statistics: 5'3 (32C-22-32) Favourite subject: Don't care Best Friend(s): Samantha Bentley Detentions: 12 Report Card:

22nd June 2015 / Length of video: 13:22
Micky has had enough of her hockey lesson, the Chavs are giving her a hard time and when they are armed with hockey sticks it is always best for a hasty exit. She has gone to the summer house planning to hide there until the lesson is over. It is very warm in the summer house so she slips off her polo shirt, her bra and her skirt. As she waits in the summer house for her hockey lesson to be over she is restless, it seems to be getting hotter. So she slips off her gym panties, revealing her thong underneath, which should help cool her down. Next she slips off her pumps & socks and finally she realises being completely naked is the only way to be get cool.
19th May 2015 / Number of pictures: 85
Micky is in a French lesson with Miss Harris. Micky has never taken French seriously and is soon starting to play up. Miss tries to control her but fails as she climbs up on the desk and strips off all her sexy uniform. She is soon in just her lingerie and as much as Miss tries she cannot stop her slipping that off too leaving her completely naked!
7th April 2015 / Number of pictures: 140
Micky has walked out of her French lesson. She has gone to the dormitory and climbs up on to Candice’s bed knowing how much it will annoy her if she finds out, and just to rub it in even more she strips completely naked! However Miss Harris is not planning to let her get away with it and when she finds her she is in deep trouble!
10th February 2015 / Length of video: 14:00
Micky has had her netball medal confiscated for misbehaving. So she has intentionally been naughty again so shell get set to my office, fully intending to hunt out her medal. As she looks around she slips off her top and bra, then finding her medal she places it around her neck letting it hang in between her cute breasts. Having found her medal and reclaiming it she climbs up onto my desk and continues to strip off the rest of her cute netball kit, her mini sports skirt, her gym, panties, pumps, white ankle socks and finally her sexy thong. She is now completely naked and she lies back on the sofa awaiting my arrival.
19th January 2015 / Number of pictures: 115
Micky has intentionally got to her class early so she can play a trick on Miss. She blows up her whoopy cushion then places it on Miss’ chair. When Miss arrives she sits straight down onto it and is not impressed! So she brings Micky to the front of the class and makes her strip off all her uniform & lingerie before sending her out in disgrace.
1st December 2014 / Number of pictures: 95
Micky has been stealing from the other students again, and has a box of items that she is looking to stash somewhere. My bedroom seems like the best place but she doesn’t know is Miss Rae has followed her. As Micky hides miss pull her from under the bed and ordered her to undress as punishment and sends her back to the dorms naked!
19th June 2014 / Number of pictures: 90
Micky has volunteered to get a reference for Miss from the library, she has only offered so she can waste as much of her lesson as possible. In the library Micky finds the book Miss wanted but, to stall for even more time, she slowly strips off all her scruffy little uniform! Then, after remembering to pick up the book, heads back to class naked!
22nd March 2014 / Length of video: 13:13
Micky has been sent to my office as she was caught trying to sneak out in lesson time. She knows you can only leave the grounds if you are running one of my (sometimes dodgy) errands. As she waits outside my office see knows how to make me smile and get out of trouble, so she slips off her cute dungarees, little top and pretty bra so she is in just her sexy thong, white ankle socks & pumps. However, being the cheeky little minx she is, she doesn't stop there and slips off her pumps, socks & thong too, leaving her completely naked as she waits outside my office!
22nd January 2014 / Length of video: 14:00
Micky has skipped her lesson and has decided the best place to lay low is the empty staff room. As she hangs around she feels bored so she slowly starts to slip off her uniform, her jumper, tie, shirt & bra, showing you her cute perky boobs. As she would already be in trouble for being topless, if she got caught, she figures she may as well go the whole way and slips off the rest of her uniform, pumps, socks & panties, leaving her totally nude!
17th August 2013 / Length of video: 6:34
Micky has been over to St Hugh’s in the search for something interesting. She has come back with a range of mobile phones she has stolen from the boy’s dormitory. She stops on the stairs to check her booty and as she does she slowly slips off her St Hugh’s uniform & cute lingerie insuring she doesn't get caught out by a teacher.
27th July 2013 / Length of video: 7:00
Micky has hurt herself during her netball practice. She is wearing her cute netball kit, including her very short pleated mini sports skirt, white gym panties & white ankle socks. Knowing Matron will expect her naked she does not delay the inevitable and slowly slips off all her kit & lingerie, leaving her completely nude.
19th June 2013 / Number of pictures: 60
Micky has been sent out of her hockey lesson and to Deputy Headmistress’s office. She has been cheeky to Miss so she is in trouble. As she waits for Miss Drogan she is still feeling naughty so she slowly slips off all her cute gym kit, pumps, socks & sexy lingerie leaving her completely naked as she awaits Miss Drogan.
27th May 2013 / Length of video: 7:28
Micky has finished her lessons so has gone to the dormitory. She plans to sneak out and to go across to the all boys school, so she slips off her uniform, socks, shoes, lingerie & glasses. Once she is naked she slips on a fresh pair of cute panties then dresses in her sexy little denim playsuit ready to go and cause some trouble.
19th April 2013 / Number of pictures: 95
Micky does not think any of the cliches are right for her so she has joined Emma-Kate as a Misfit so she does not have to be a stereo type. She is dressed in our official jumper and a straight navy blue skirt. She looks slightly dishevelled as always but you won’t care as she slips off all her uniform, lingerie, socks & shoes.
15th April 2013 / Number of pictures: 110
Micky is waiting for me in my office. I have asked to see her so I can explain the rules, or lack of them. As she waits she feels like she already fits in at St Mackenzie’s, so she slowly slips off her blazer, skirt, tie, shirt & lingerie leaving her in just her flat pumps & boater, before sitting back on the sofa as if nothing has happened.
9th April 2013 / Number of pictures: 75
We have another new girl, Micky. She has been ‘encouraged’ to leave her old school after a series of pranks & having ‘light’ fingers. We asked her what she thought of being sent to St Mackenzie’s, to which we didn’t receive a reply. As she strips off her uniform & lingerie you will see how much of a cute trouble maker she will be.