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Lucy Diamond

Lucy Diamond

Name: Lucy Diamond School: St Mackenzie's Status: Indie Statistics: 5'8 (32D-26-34) Favourite subject: Music Best Friend(s): Ali Fletcher Detentions: 8 Report Card:

28th December 2015 / Length of video: 18:49
Candice, Lucy & Natalia have been left alone in a detention. As the three girls wait for Miss to return they wind each other up, taking the mickey out of each others style and friends. As Candice gets fed up with the comments about her clothes she starts to strip them off and then, of course, the other two follow. They are soon in just their stockings & socks but that doesn't stop them hurling insults at each other, but mainly at Candice who take care of herself, so lets hope Miss comes back soon before it become a full on war!
22nd August 2015 / Length of video: 17:27
Candice, Lucy & Natalia have been caught out of bed and sent to my office. They are all still in their cute nightwear and are all blaming each other for being caught. As they wait for me they argue and wind each other up, then getting daring and competitive they start to slip off their nightwear, and soon all three of them topless. Still bickering, they do however they do all agree on one thing, that I would find it funny if all three of them were completely naked when I arrived. This is perfectly true as I do enjoy nudity in my school. So Lucy slips off her socks and then all three slip off their sexy panties!
13th July 2015 / Number of pictures: 75
Helen & Lucy have been fighting in their hockey lesson. They have both claimed that the other hurt them. So they have been sent to Matrons room. As they both wait for Matron they continue to fight, as they scuffle with each other they strip off each other’s sexy gym kits, revealing their cute lingerie, before pulling down each other’s panties!
25th June 2015 / Number of pictures: 80
Helen & Lucy have been left alone in class. They are notorious for their love hate relationship. As they wait they start to mess about, slipping off items of their uniforms as they do, trying to outdo each other. Soon they are in just their lingerie and they do not stop there, and as they slip off their lingerie too they decide to call a truce?!
13th May 2015 / Number of pictures: 70
Lucy has been sent to my office for stopping out all night at a party. She has only just got back and she is still wearing her party clothes, tight black wet look leggings, gorgeous high heels and a sexy reveling top. As she waits she realises it may be best to strip off all her outfit, then she can claim she was dragged out of bed naked instead.
28th March 2015 / Length of video: 19:20
Helen is hiding in the library; she has trashed Deputy Headmistress office and now Miss Drogan is on the war path. As she hides out Lucy appears, as I have sent her to look for a book for me. As the two girls wind each other up they start to slip off their uniforms, first their tops, ties, shirts and then their bras! The two girls continue to annoy each other they strip off more of their sexy uniforms, their cheeky mini skirts and short shorts, socks, tight & heels and finally their cute panties. They compare bodies, each being rude about the other. I think they both have great bodies and I am sure you will agree as you see them both completely naked.
25th January 2015 / Number of pictures: 105
Natalia is in the library when Candice & Lucy arrive, They open up the secret door that leads down to the cellar as they plan to go investigating, but then they both realise would be a lot of fun to take Natalia ‘princess’ Forrest with them. So they strip her nude before stripping themselves, and then push Natalia in front to send her down first.
28th August 2014 / Length of video: 12:13
Lucy knows the Chavs have been stealing her things; they have taken to wearing sports socks with their high heels which is annoying the Indie girls. This has lead to lots of Lucys socks going missing so she is searching Candices bed, and as she climbs up onto the bed she starts slowly strip off some of her sexy outfit. She knows how much it will annoy Candice to know she has been on her bed, but if she knows she has been on her bed completely naked she will be fuming, and this is all the excuse she needs to carry on stripping and rubbing her naked body all over her bed.
4th June 2014 / Length of video: 14:11
Lucy does not have the patience for hockey and has no interest in her PE lesson. So she has sloped off to the school summer house hoping no one will come looking for her. It is very warm in the summer house and as she paces up and down with boredom she slowly starts to slips of some of her sexy gym kit, her polo shirt, and bra. Topless Lucy feels cooler with her pert boobs exposed, but she still slips off her shin pads & socks, and is clearly not bothered about getting dirty feet! Continuing to strip she undoes & slips off her short gym skirt and then her gorgeous blue floral panties!
19th February 2014 / Number of pictures: 100
Lucy is bored of lessons so has decided to skive them and hide out in the staffroom. She decides to pass the time she is going to get very drunk. So as she drinks bottle of wine after bottle of wine she gets more and more out of control and strips off all of her sexy uniform, heels, socks & lingerie leaving her very naked and loving it!
25th January 2014 / Number of pictures: 95
Lucy has been accepted by the other Indies and is feeling very sexy with her new identity. She wants to show you her very cheeky new uniform and as you are a very lucky boy you will get to see her out of it too! She slips off her uniform, one item at a time, her bra, boots & socks. Then finally she slips off her panties too!
4th January 2014 / Length of video: 13:55
Sexy student Lucy has decided she wants to be part of the recently established Indies. She loves their cool, sexy look and don't careless attitude. She has gone to the dormitory and she is raiding the Indie bed & drawers hoping to find an outfit that fits her. She slowly slips off her rest of her St Mackenzies official uniform, heels, tights & sexy lingerie. As she bounces around the Indie bed getting excited, she knows they will happily accept her when they see how good she looks in her new uniform. Once nude she gets dressed into her new uniform & heads to class.