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Lizzie Gibson

Lizzie Gibson

Name: Lizzie Gibson School: St Mackenzie's Status: Chav Statistics: 5'7 (30D-27-29) Favourite subject: Uh?! Best Friend(s): Helen White Detentions: 9 Report Card:

1st December 2015 / Number of pictures: 70
Lizzie is proving very useful; she often runs errands for me, some of them quite criminal. So I have called her to my office to give her one of my favourite books as a reward, and while I am reading some of the book out to her she climbs up onto my desk and strips off her uniform and lingerie, just to prove she will be the naughtiest yet!
19th July 2015 / Number of pictures: 65
Lizzie has snuck out for the evening. She is heading off to a party with a boy but decides to stop and have some fun first. She has gone to the summer house where she starts to strip of her sexy little outfit and her lingerie. Just one item at a time, pausing in between to take a picture on her phone to send to the guy she is meeting!
25th April 2015 / Number of pictures: 80
I am worried about some of the Chavs drinking habits so I have invited them to a special class about alcoholism. Lizzie is the only one who has shown up, but she has no intention of taking it seriously. As try to explain she slips off her sexy uniform & lingerie and climbs up onto the desks, and after admitting defeat I join her!
22nd March 2015 / Length of video: 14:43
Lizzie has just come back from St Hugh's, she was there looking for one thing in particular, mobile phones. Knowing the boys are not allowed them in lessons she took the opportunity to steal as many as possible from their dormitory! As she counts out how many she has she starts to slip off the St Hugh's uniform, including her pumps & trousers, leaving her looking very cute in just her panties & socks! As she rolls around on the Totty's bed, she has just messed up, she slips off her remaining lingerie. Now she is fully nude she takes one more look at her phone stash before slipping on her pajamas ready for a nap.
22nd February 2015 / Length of video: 12:35
Lizzie has faked an injury in her hockey lesson so she can be sent to Matrons room. She hopes Matron wont be there so she can just relax and skive the rest of the lesson. She is in luck, and as she has a good nosey around she starts to slip off her cute gym kit, first her white polo shirt and her sexy red lace bra. As she plays around in Matrons room she bends over Matrons table and you can see she is not wearing her gym panties as she flashes her cheeky red thong. She slips off more and more of her sexy gym kit, her mini skirt, pumps, and socks and finally she slips off her red thong too, leaving her completely naked!
7th October 2014 / Number of pictures: 170
Lizzie is bored and has gone to the library; she is definitely not there to study though, just to look for trouble and something to occupy her time while she skips lessons. Miss Burton knows this so she has followed her. She tries to encourage Lizzie to clear up her mess, but instead she strips off all her uniform & lingerie!
7th July 2014 / Number of pictures: 65
Lizzie will do anything she can to avoid PE; she does not like Miss Coppin and has no intention of running around a field for an hour. She is hiding in the staffroom knowing all the teachers are in lessons. She slowly slips off her sexy gym kit, bra, socks, pumps and finally her panties as she climbs all over the furniture naked!
25th April 2014 / Number of pictures: 125
Lizzie arrived with so much attitude it was obvious she was going to fit in well with the Chavs. Dressed in her slutty uniform you realise she is going to be lots of trouble. She slips off her uniform showing you her sexy lingerie, black stockings & suspenders. Finally she slips her lingerie off too, leaving her completely nude!
1st April 2014 / Number of pictures: 95
New student Lizzie is going to be trouble, luckily we relish theses kind of challenges. However after being kicked out of her last school for setting it on fire we will be hiding the matches. She has arrived in the official St Mackenzie’s uniform but she looks very scruffy, but not for long as she strips it all off along with her lingerie.