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Lainey Watson

Lainey Watson

Name: Lainey Watson School: St Mackenzie's Status: Totty Statistics: 5'7 (32D-22-32) Favourite subject: Drama & Dance Best Friend(s): Amy Green Detentions: 5 Report Card:

16th December 2015 / Length of video: 14:15
Amy & Lainey have gone to the staff room looking for some wine; they want to start drinking ready for a night out. They find the wine but there are no glasses, and they refuse to drink straight out the bottle like a Chav. Instead they dare each other to strip right there in the staff room, so one by one they start to slip off their uniforms. They say they are worried about being caught but its clearly not enough to stop them stripping off everything else, including their lingerie, leaving them completely naked!
19th October 2015 / Number of pictures: 95
Harriett & Lainey have been sent out of their lesson for being disruptive and they are waiting outside my office, they are both blaming the other for being sent out. Lainey decides to liven up the wait and as Harriett minds her own business Lainey strips off all her sexy uniform & lingerie in front of her before making her strip nude too!
28th July 2015 / Length of video: 14:36
Lainey has come back from a day out; she is wearing a very pretty cream lacy mini skirt, pink lace top and sexy pink high heels. When she sees the mess the Chavs have left the dorms in she is not impressed and has to clear up. When she has tidied up she feels she needs a nap so she slips off her top, her bra and her skirt. Lainey is relaxing on her bed; she is wearing her panties and high heels. She is still in need of a nap though, so she slips off her heels, and slides down her panties. Her cute nightwear is already laid out on the bed, so she slips on the pretty panties and her cute pink baby doll before getting into her bed in between her pink satin sheets.
4th April 2015 / Length of video: 14:17
Lainey has been caught sneaking back into the dormitory after a night out. She was caught by Miss Drogan who has sent her straight to my office. She is still in her gorgeous white, floaty party dress covering the most beautiful lingerie with stockings, all worn with very sexy heels. As she waits she slips off her dress and her bra. As she lies back on my desk you can see her beautiful clincher tied with a bow at the back. She slips her heels off her nylon feet before undoing her silky stocking tops from their suspender. As she roles her stockings down she shows off her sexy long legs, but she doesn't stop there as she slides off her clincher too, and her panties!
16th October 2014 / Length of video: 15:02
Lainey has convinced Miss Coppin she is not well enough to carry on with her hockey lesson, in reality she just does not like being out in the cold and the wind messes up her hair! She has gone to Matrons room to make it look convincing and she is still wearing her cute little gym kit, however she soon starts to slip it off! Lainey is feeling very sexy in just her short gym skirt, gym panties, socks & pumps. As she waits on Matrons couch she continues to strip off these remaining items and when in just her thong & gym panties she bends over giving you a perfect view. However the soon come off too leaving her completely naked.
25th July 2014 / Number of pictures: 85
Lainey has been accepted as a Totty by all the girls in the group, who cannot believe they couldn’t see her potential sooner. She is wearing Amy’s former uniform and she looks gorgeous and you can tell she feels very sexy. She does cheeky strip tease for you, slipping absolutely everything off, my how her confidence has grown!
13th July 2014 / Number of pictures: 85
Lainey has always been shy around St Mackenzie’s and has often faded into the background, but during their lesson Amy has finally noticed her. She has decided she may just have what it takes to be a Totty. So she undresses Lainey, slips off her own Totty uniform, then dresses Lainey up to see if she looks good enough to be a Totty.