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Jodie Lee

Jodie Lee

Name: Jodie Lee School: St Mackenzie's Status: Prefect Statistics: 5'9 (32C-27-33) Favourite subject: Physical Education Best Friend(s): Kym Hodgson Detentions: 1 Report Card:

13th December 2015 / Number of pictures: 90
Jodie has gone to the library to research for a job I have given her. As she finds the right book she sits down to read. She is feeling most uncomfortable in her uniform, and considering she may be here a while she starts to slip off a few items, her blazer, tie & shirt, but she doesn’t stop there and slips off the rest of her uniform & lingerie too!
10th December 2014 / Length of video: 14:09
Jodie has hurt herself in her PE lesson and has been sent to Matrons room. As she waits she feels disappointed she is missing her lesson. So to entertain herself and knowing you are watching her every move, she starts to slip off her sexy little gym kit, her polo shirt, skirt, bra and her cheeky gym panties. She really wants to get back to her lesson so is feeling impatient. As she paces around in just her thong you can see her sexy long legs and perfect round bottom. She sits back onto the couch and slips off her pumps, socks & shin pads, and then your luck is in as she slips off her thong too.
22nd September 2014 / Length of video: 14:40
Jodie is in her Biology lesson waiting for Miss Hendrix. She is often late but Jodie is fed up with waiting, so she gets up to stretch her legs, and you can see her full length in her uniform. Her legs look even longer than normal in her pretty tights & high heels. She slowly starts to strip off her uniform, her blazer, short, toe & bra. As she lies back on the teachers desk she slowly slips off the rest of her uniform, starting with her skirt. As she walks around in her tights & heels her legs look even longer than ever! Next she slips off her heels, peels off her tights, and finally slides off her pink panties.
4th July 2014 / Length of video: 14:42
I have given Jodie a job to do. I need her to sneak into St Hughs and see if they have anything lying around that may be of interest to us. I have left her a St Hugh's uniform in the summer house where she can get changed without anyone asking any questions. So she slowly starts to slip off her sexy playsuit followed by her bra. Jodie looks through the box of clothes. She is not very impressed she has to dress like a boy and break into St Hugh's, but anything to keep her Headmistress happy. So she starts to slip on the different lingerie I have left her, then all of the boys uniform including the flat cap.
4th May 2014 / Length of video: 16:16
Beckiie & Jodie have just won their netball tournament. The rest of the team are celebrating but Beckiie & Jodie just want a sleep so they can celebrate better later. They discuss their win and other students as they start to strip, both planning to have a nap together in Beckiies bed. In just their gym panties, panties, white ankle socks & pumps Beckiie & Jodie lie on the bed chatting. They continue to strip further; first their pumps then gym panties & socks. Finally they slide off their cute panties. Once naked they slip into their sexy babydolls and slip underneath Beckiie's satin sheets for their nap!
21st October 2013 / Number of pictures: 60
Jodie has just got back from the robbery expedition I sent her on. She has come to my office to debrief but as she waits she is keen to get out of her tight cat burglar outfit. She slips off her tight vest, bra & pumps. Then, left in just her very tight black leggings, she stands up and peels them off her long legs along with her panties.
1st October 2013 / Number of pictures: 95
St Mackenzie’s bank account is low, so I am sending a few girls out to do a robbery. I thought it would be a good test for Jodie as our new Prefect. I have given her Beckiie to help her with the heist. You can watch as they prepare. After a briefing they bother strip completely nude before slipping into their skin tight all back outfits.
21st September 2013 / Number of pictures: 90
As you can see I have made Jodie a prefect. She has been dressed by the Sophia our new Head Girl and is wearing a tight black skirt and sexy blouse with tie, all covering her sexy pink & black lingerie and black seamed pantyhose. She definitely looks the part and as she strips I know you will agree I made the right choice.
1st September 2013 / Number of pictures: 75
Jodie has been a student for a while but it is only now we have persuaded her to appear on the site. She is waiting outside my office as I have something to tell her. As she waits she knows it is time for a strip so she slips off her sexy uniform, tights & lingerie leaving her completely nude, and she really does have the longest legs!