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Jessica-Ann Fegan

Jessica-Ann Fegan

Name: Jessica-Ann Fegan School: St Mackenzie's Status: Misfit Statistics: 5'7 (32F-24-33) Favourite subject: Physical Education Best Friend(s): Samantha Bentley Detentions: 8 Report Card:

28th February 2016 / Length of video: 12:39
Jessica-Ann has skipped her lessons and gone for a cheeky cigarette. Still in her uniform, she takes out a cigarette and places it between her sexy lips, then breathes in deeply as she lights it. However before long Miss Taylor catches her! Luckily Miss Taylor is a soft touch though and rather than reprimand Jessica-Ann she is encouraged to try smoking instead! At first the cigarette makes her cough, but soon she is sucking hard on the fag and breathing it in deep, looking elegant and sexy. Seeing as it is such a beautiful warm day they both slowly slip off all their clothing and you can see all their gorgeous bodies as they light their second cigarettes, inhaling deeply! Feeling cheeky Jessica-Ann blows smoke onto Miss’s cute perky tits, giggling Miss then returns the favour, exhaling onto Jessica-Ann’s big bouncy tits.
10th December 2015 / Length of video: 17:58
Miss Taylor has heard a rumour that a teacher at St Paul's has a copy of a naughty magazine she once posed for. So she has dragged Jessica-Ann along to help her look for it. As they sneak into the staff room they soon find it hidden and Miss was right, but it wasn't just an issue she appeared in but one where she was on the cover! As Miss shows Jessica-Ann her naughty past she encourages her to strip off some more and relive the dirty poses in the magazine! As they both get more naked they take pictures planning to give the pervert teachers at St Paul's something they can really perv on!
13th September 2015 / Number of pictures: 70
Jessica-Ann is having a break from her netball practice. She has not been playing well and has come for a cigarette, and as she lights one up she relaxes. However it is very hot in the summer house and smoking is making it worse. So she slowly slips off all her cute netball kit & lingerie as she tries to cool down as much as possible.
25th July 2015 / Number of pictures: 115
Miss Taylor is teaching an English lesson with Nicola & Jessica-Ann. However Jessica-Ann is in a naughty mood and she starts to play up, annoying Nicola then starts to strip off her cute uniform. Even as a teacher Miss is still easily led she can’t help but join in the fun, and they both drag Nicola to the front of the class and make her strip too!
28th June 2015 / Length of video: 11:01
Jessica-Ann has spent the night at St Hughs. She has been to visit her boyfriend and has dressed in their school uniform to sneak in unnoticed. She has arrived back at the dorm and found Nicola in bed. Still feeling naughty Jessica-Ann wakes Nicola and gets her to film her doing a strip that she can send to her boyfriend! She strips off most of the St Hughs uniform and is in only her black lace panties, socks & pumps. She climbs up onto the bunk and slips off the rest of her clothing. Then, when completely naked, she gets a shy Nicola to set the camera down, but leave it running, then climb on the bed and strip too!
7th March 2015 / Number of pictures: 75
After breaking in with Miss Taylor on a previous occasion, Jessica-Ann is now confident she can get in on her own, so he sneaks into St Paul’s again. This time she is looking for something specific and as she breaks into her first locker she strikes gold, a bottle of vodka! As she drinks she feels even cheekier and strips off all her uniform & lingerie!
7th February 2015 / Number of pictures: 50
Miss Faye cannot be bothered to teach her class; instead she has taken Jessica-Ann to St Paul’s. She intends to raid the lockers while everyone is in lessons. She may be a teacher but she is still the same naughty school girl at heart. As they rummage through the lockers they get playful and start to strip, first their cute outfits and then their lingerie!
28th January 2015 / Length of video: 13:11
Jessica-Ann is not in the mood for playing hockey, the Chavs are being extra extravagant with their hockey sticks and she cant get away soon enough. She has gone to Matrons room so she can claim she is ill if she is caught. However its not long before the boredom of skipping a lesson kicks in and she starts to undress. As she prances around Matrons room topless you well definitely enjoy the view, but her boredom is increasing. So she slips off her socks and then her gym panties from under her gym skirt showing you her cute white thong. Then finally she takes off her skirt and drops pulls down her thong too!
28th October 2014 / Length of video: 12:28
Jessica-Ann has arranged to meet a boy in the woods, and is skipping her hockey lesson. She is wearing her sexy gym kit, with her cute gym panties underneath her gym skirt. As she waits she is feeling very naughty, so she strips off her gym kit, her polo shirt, her bra showing her big bouncy breasts and her gym skirt. She knows the boy she is meeting will be here soon so she continues to strip off her gym kit, knowing it will be a sexy surprise for him to find her naked. So off comes her cute gym panties, then her socks and she is left in just her sexy red thong. Then, finding the extra bit of courage, she slips off her thong too!
25th August 2014 / Number of pictures: 70
Jessica-Ann has proved popular at St Mackenzie’s; she is cheeky & confident so the Chavs &Emos have been fighting over her. However Jessica is very much her own person so wearing our official cardigan she is now part of the Misfits, who are very smug that she has joined them: and you are lucky enough to watch her strip off her new uniform.
10th August 2014 / Length of video: 14:26
Jessica-Ann has come to my office for her induction to St Mackenzie's. I like to make new students wait to see what they get up to in my office in my absence; it is a good tell into their personality & curiosity. She does not disappoint as she has a good nosey around, climbing all over my desk, starting to strip as she does. Jessica-Ann is still have a good look around my office, but now in just her bra, panties & skirt you can start to imagine her nude. She continues to strip; first her bra comes off showing off her large boobs, then her skirt and finally her white cotton panties. She then proceeds to wait for me naked! She is as cheeky as her reputation!
1st August 2014 / Number of pictures: 65
Our newest student, Jessica-Ann, looks like she may be a handful. She was kicked out of her previous school for constant cheek and disruption in class, which often included stripping off, and they no longer knew how to handle her. So she will certainly fit in here with her cheek and confidence, and we actively encourage nudity!