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Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose

Name: Jessica Rose School: St Mackenzie's Status: Emo Statistics: 5'4 (32E-23-34) Favourite subject: Art Best Friend(s): Detentions: 5 Report Card:

19th October 2013 / Number of pictures: 95
Samantha & Jessica are waiting for Miss. Jessica is feeling naughty so she starts to seduce Samantha, and she does not have to try very hard and soon they are kissing and stripping off each other’s cute uniforms. They touch each other’s bodies as they slip off their lingerie too leaving them in just their over the knee socks & heels.
25th August 2013 / Number of pictures: 135
Jessica & Samantha are not paying attention in their History class so Miss Toyne has dragged them to the front. She blind folds them before slipping off their sexy Emo uniforms & lingerie leaving them in just their over the knee socks & heels. However the two girls decide to get revenge on their teacher and strip her nude too!
9th May 2013 / Number of pictures: 130
Cheeky Jessica Rose is wearing her naughty Emo uniform; she first slips off her cute hoody, shirt, tie & bra, showing you her large boobs whilst still wearing her mini skirt & fishnet tights. However it is not long before they come off too leaving her completely nude, and she is happily showing you everything she has to offer.
27th April 2013 / Length of video: 6:08
Jessica is in trouble with Miss Toyne and I have let her use my office to give Jessica a good talking to. Miss tells her off, making her strip off her uniform & lingerie as it is not the regulation uniform. As Jessica strips Miss admires her body and rather than disciplining her further she strips too and kisses Jessica!
25th March 2013 / Number of pictures: 110
Jessica & Samantha have been sent out of their lesson for misbehaving, and have been ordered to wait outside the classroom until Miss can deal with them. However as they wait they cannot keep their hands off each other and strip off their sexy uniforms, lingerie & tights, leaving them completely nude apart from their ties!
25th February 2013 / Number of pictures: 90
Miss Toyne knows Jessica has snuck out to meet a boy so is waiting in the dormitory for her to return. When Jessica returns she knows she is in trouble but Miss sees an opportunity and tells her if she strips for her she will not tell Headmistress or Deputy Headmistress! Jessica is willing and also encourages Miss to strip too!
7th February 2013 / Length of video: 5:47
Samantha & Jessica have started a relationship behind Kayla’s back and have gone to the Headmistresses bedroom for some privacy. They are both wearing their cute little pyjamas & black ankle socks. They kiss passionately as they roll around on the silk sheets, slowly undressing each other, before slipping under the sheets.
27th January 2013 / Length of video: 5:37
Jessica has snuck out of her early morning PE lesson and gone up top the dormitory. She slips off her cute gym top & skirt and plays with her bra before undoing it and showing you her large breasts. She slips of her panties and, pointing her round bottom at you, she climbs on to the bed and pulls off her socks too.
3rd November 2012 / Length of video: 6:36
Jessica has been sent out of her hockey lesson for refusing to wear her gym panties. The changing room is locked so she has gone to the attic. As she waits she cannot resist graffitiing the walls and insulting the Chavs. As she does she bends over flashing you her panties then strips off all her naughty little gym kit & sexy lingerie!
25th September 2012 / Number of pictures: 100
Candice & Jessica are resitting their History exam that they both failed last term. Jessica is not interested in the exam and instead leans over as draws on Candice’s exam paper. Candice is not having any of it and jumps on Jessica and they fight, pulling off each other’s sexy little uniforms & lingerie until they are both nude!
7th August 2012 / Length of video: 6:54
It’s Morning and Jessica has only just come back from a prom. She is still wearing her revealing black evening dress. She knows she needs to stay awake and attend lessons however she is very tired. So she slowly strips of her dress then her sexy thong, showing you all her curvy body, before lying on her bed totally nude to have a nap.
25th July 2012 / Number of pictures: 150
Candice & Jessica have been sent to my office for fighting each other on a school trip. As they sit across from me it is clear they still haven’t resolved their differences and continue their fight. I’m not one to stop a girl fight, as it can be most entertaining?. As they wrestle on my desk I watch as they pull of each other’s clothes and lingerie!
15th May 2012 / Number of pictures: 130
Adopted by the Emos Jessica has a lot more confidence. She is wearing a very short Emo skirt with fishnets and heels. As she strips off her new uniform she teases showing you her bra that is clearly too small for her as it stretches over her large chest. She continues to strips off the rest of her uniform & lingerie, ripping off her fishnets.
5th May 2012 / Number of pictures: 115
Our new student Jessica is quite something, and with her pretty face and the most amazing pair of boobs I am sure you will agree. Appearing coy at first she is soon stripping off her tight regulation uniform and as she spills out of her white cotton bra she has no choice but to slip off her cute lingerie too, leaving her in just her hat & tie.