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Fawna Latrisch

Fawna Latrisch

Name: Fawna Latrisch School: St Mackenzie's Status: Geek Statistics: 5'6 (32C-23-34) Favourite subject: Chemistry Best Friend(s): Victoria Porter Detentions: 0 Report Card:

25th December 2015 / Number of pictures: 95
Fawna has pretended to be unwell so she can get out of hockey. She has been sent to Matrons room and knowing what this means she wonders if she made the right decision. She decides to stay and reluctantly strips off her cute little gym kit, her skirt, top, gym panties, lingerie, socks & pumps, then she lays back ready for Matron.
13th November 2015 / Number of pictures: 100
Becky & Fawna have been sent out of their PE lesson. Becky had been antagonising Fawna and she eventually snapped and slapped her. So as they both wait for me they are looking very tense and soon a full blown fight breaks out. As the roll around on my desk they get brutal and as clothes get pulled off Fawna is in for a nasty shock.
28th October 2015 / Length of video: 13:30
Becky & Fawna are in a Sex Education lesson with Miss Hendrix. Fawna finds it all very embarrassing which amuses Becky & Miss! Then when Miss reveals she used to be a stripper and says she will gives Fawna a little strip tease she is mortified and when Miss starts to strip she doesn't know where to look. Miss Hendrix encourages Becky to come up and see if she can do a sexy strip too. So Becky goes to the front of the class and starts to strips off her uniform. They both tease poor Fawna who is finding it all very harrowing. However once Becky is naked it means only one thing its Fawna's turn!
28th May 2015 / Length of video: 10:13
Fawna is studying in the library; however she is soon joined by Becky who is going to hide in the library to skip PE. Becky pesters Fawna, calling her a Geek and saying she should be doing something more exciting than reading. Intent on causing trouble Becky starts to look for the librarys secret door shes heard rumors about. Becky has found the secret door and the padlocked gates behind it, but she soon finds the key. So she dares Fawna to come down into the passage to see where it goes. She reluctantly agrees but she will not go down there in her uniform as she doesn't want to get it dirty, so both girls strip off all their sexy uniforms & lingerie.
13th December 2014 / Number of pictures: 80
It is school field trip day and Becky is still in bed so Fawna has been sent to get her. As she wakes her up Becky is in a manipulative mood and says he will only get up and get changed if Fawna gets naked at the same time. So Fawna strips off all her cute outfit and lingerie as Becky slips off her cute pajamas, leaving them both nude.
19th May 2014 / Number of pictures: 115
Fawna has been dared to steal some of my panties. She has gone to my bedroom and has found my sexy red lace panties. She was only dared to steal the panties but curiously gets the better of her and she slips off her shorts & panties before sliding on the read lace. She feels very naughty as she slips back on her shorts & goes back to lessons.
27th December 2013 / Length of video: 7:46
Fawna has taken refuge in my bedroom to get away from the Chavs & Totty teasing her about being a virgin. I have sent Miss Hendrix, our Sex Education teacher, to go & give her some advice. Miss suggests she gets naked to try to make her confident about her body. To encourage Fawna Miss strips too so they can be naked together.
27th November 2013 / Length of video: 6:44
Fawna has gone to the dormitory so she can read in peace. Unable to bare the mess the other students have left she clears away their clothes before slipping off her very sexy outfit, pumps & pretty lingerie, folding it neatly as she goes. Once she is completely nude you can see every inch of her cute body as she lies on her bed ready to read.
21st July 2013 / Number of pictures: 145
Fawna has become a Geek as she has proved she has a far higher IQ than most of our other students. She is very proud of this and you can see her cute geeky uniform before she slowly slips it all off including her pumps, socks & lingerie. She is left completely nude and you can see all her sexy body!
7th July 2013 / Length of video: 6:21
Fawna has been sent to my office for her induction. As she waits for me she is feeling apprehensive knowing I like to make girls strip. So hoping to please me she slowly starts to slip off her regulation uniform. Soon she is down to her white cotton lingerie, knee high socks & pumps but they do not stay on long either!
1st July 2013 / Number of pictures: 150
Or new student Fawna is a complete cutie. She looks so innocent in her official uniform with knee high socks, pumps, boater hat all covering white matching lingerie. However you cannot attend St Mackenzie’s and stay innocent for long as she slowly slips off all her uniform & lingerie leaving her in just her socks & pumps.