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Emma-Kate Dawson

Emma-Kate Dawson

Name: Emma-Kate Dawson School: St Mackenzie's Status: Deputy Head Girl Statistics: 5'7 (32C-22-32) Favourite subject: German Best Friend(s): Sophia Smith Detentions: 1 Report Card:

16th November 2015 / Length of video: 14:10
Emma-Kate has sent Jo to St Hugh's to try and steal some money. She is very good at exploiting Jo who is always eager to please. She meets Jo on the stairs see how she got on. Unfortunately Jo didn't get very far and has come back empty handed. Jo really hates being dressed as a boy so she starts to slip off the uniform. Jo couldn't get the St Hugh's uniform off quick enough and so she is standing on the stairs in just her cute thong. She is worried that if she goes into the dorms naked the other girls may ask questions and she doesn't want them to know what she has been doing. So Emma-Kate says she will strip too as no one would dare question her.
13th October 2015 / Number of pictures: 100
Jo is in the library, Emma-Kate has followed her because she needs her help. I have asked Emma-Kate to go down into the secret passage to see if you can still get through. She doesn’t fancy going on her own so she ropes Jo in. They do not want ruin their uniforms so before heeding down they slip off all their clothing, including their lingerie.
28th April 2015 / Length of video: 13:47
Jo is upset because she is not playing netball very well and is worried she will show us up at the next match. She has run off to the summer house and Emma-Kate has followed. As Emma-Kate gives her a pep talk she explains that it will all be OK, and if not she has a special trick to distract from any bad play. Emma-Kates plan involves getting naked and playing the match in the buff, now that would be a definite distraction! So as the two girls slowly strip off the rest of their gym kits & lingerie Emma-Kate continues with her pep talk and a more confident Jo gets ready to go back to practice in just her socks & trainers!
22nd November 2014 / Length of video: 13:43
Emma-Kate is wearing her very sexy Deputy Head Girl outfit over pretty lingerie, plus her gorgeous & unusual natural seamed tights. She is waiting for Miss to arrive to go over some vital notes before an exam. However patience is not her strong point and she starts to slip off her uniform, one item at a time. She is still feeling bored & impatient so she slowly undoes her skirt, unlaces her sexy heels before slipping them off and showing you the soles of her unusual tights. Then finally she slips off her tights & her panties too!
7th June 2014 / Number of pictures: 105
Emma-Kate has been allowed into the staff room to study, being Deputy Head Girl she often gets these kinds of privileges. However she has no intention of studying. Instead she raids the staff room for alcohol which increases her urge to be naughty, which in turn leads to her slipping off all her sexy uniform, seamed tights, heels & lingerie!
11th December 2013 / Number of pictures: 125
Now Emma-Kate is officially our new Deputy Head Girl she is desperate to show you her new look and just how confident & sexy she can be. You can watch her with her new found sex appeal as she slips off all her hot new uniform, sexy seamed black tights & pretty lingerie, leaving her completely nude for your pleasure!
4th December 2013 / Length of video: 18:25
I have called Emma-Kate to my office as I have some news for her, but when she arrives I am not there. As she waits curiosity gets the better of her and she starts to snoop around my office. Finding a new sexy uniform & a Deputy Head Girl badge she knows what’s coming so she slowly starts top slip off her uniform. In just her cute white thong, but knowing she has a gorgeous & sexy new uniform & lingerie to wear she cannot help slipping off her thong too. She slowly slips on her new bra & panties, crisp what shirt, tie, tight high waisted skirt & blazer, and finally her pretty lace up high heels. She definitely looks the part.
19th November 2013 / Number of pictures: 155
Being a huge flirt Miss McGuire demands everyone’s attention. Even in her lessons she expects the sexual attention of her students. So when Emma-Kate ignores her she pushes her cleavage in her face & shows her stocking tops. When she has no luck she pulls Emma-Kate to the front of the class & strips her completely naked!
17th June 2013 / Length of video: 5:57
Miss Coppin has taken Emma-Kate to Matrons room as she claims to have hurt her foot. Miss insists on waiting with her as they wait for Matron as she does not believe she’s hurt. As they wait together Miss makes her strip off all her cute gym kit, lingerie, sock & pumps then to make her feel less conscious strips nude herself!
5th May 2013 / Number of pictures: 120
Emma-Kate has just come back from her netball practice. She slips off her cute gym kit & bra leaving her in just her gym panties, white ankle socks & white pumps. She has a drink of water but spills it down her chest, so with the rest of her gym kit wet she slips them off too then wraps a big towel around her naked body.
21st March 2013 / Number of pictures: 185
Having started a new group, the Misfits, Emma-Kate is wearing her new uniform with the new St Mackenzie’s jumper embroidered with our school badge, a short pleated navy skirt & navy knee high socks. As she slowly slips off all her uniform you can see her sexy dark purple lingerie which she soon strips off too.
5th February 2013 / Number of pictures: 165
Emma-Kate is fed up of being a Geek, so while in the dormitory she stips off her Geeky uniform, lingerie and socks. However she definitely does not want to join the Chavs, Totty or Emos so decides to get dressed in the official St Mackenzie’s jumper & skirt creating her own identity and becoming the first Misfit at St Mackenzie’s!
21st August 2012 / Number of pictures: 125
Emma-Kate is taking Ayumi to a school quiz. On the way they stop at the caretakers shed to get in some practise. To try and encourage Ayumi to do well she makes her strip off her sexy uniform if she gets any practise questions wrong. Ayumi is soon naked and Emma-Kate starts to feel bad for being so mean, so she strips nude too!
19th June 2012 / Number of pictures: 70
Emma-Kate does not like PE and is skipping her lesson and she has made poor Ayumi come with her. As they hide out in the shed Emma-Kate does not want to keep her PE kit on as she thinks it is too skimpy. So she slowly strips it off encouraging Ayumi to do the same. However they do not stop there and slip off their lingerie too.
19th May 2012 / Number of pictures: 110
Ayumi is still being bullied by the Chavs and is hiding in the caretakers shed. Emma-Kate has heard where she is hiding and has gone to fetch her. She knows Ayumi won’t leave still wearing her pretty sailor dress, as this is why she is bullied, so she offers her own uniform and strips her nude before undressing herself.
13th April 2012 / Length of video: 5:53
Emma-Kate has gone outside to read. As she lies on her blanket and tries to read she cannot get comfortable, so she takes off her shoes and socks hoping that will help. Still uncomfortable she slips off her tight denim shorts, but it’s no good, the only way she can feel relaxed is to continue to strip off her rest of her cute outfit & lingerie!
7th January 2012 / Length of video: 6:21
The Chavs have hidden Emma-Kate’s trigonometry set and they have told her they have hidden it around the caretaker’s mower. As she starts to look she realises she is going to get very dirty, so she strips off her tight uniform before continuing to search. Still concerned she may also ruin her pretty lingerie she slowly slips that off too.
17th December 2011 / Length of video: 6:12
Emma-Kate is on off to the Christmas party and is waiting at the caretakers shed for Lucy-Anne to approve her dress. She has been waiting ages and knows Lucy-Anne is not coming. Knowing this might happen she is prepared and first slips off her pretty dress and her cute lingerie then slips into something she finds more comfortable.
29th November 2011 / Number of pictures: 100
Emma-Kate is in her HE class with Miss Holli. Emma-Kate has no time for HE and has no intention of listening. As Miss carries on teaching Emma-Kate strips off her tight uniform behind her back. She slips off her waistcoat and tailored shorts, her fitted shirt, tie and then her pretty blue lingerie, and is left in just her knee high socks and heels.
11th November 2011 / Number of pictures: 65
It is a Sunday morning and Emma-Kate has just come back to the dorms after stealing Miss Holli’s sweet collection from her kitchen. Still in her patterned blue satin pyjamas she sits on her bed and unwrap a lolly pop. She slowly licks and sucks on it as she slips off her top and then her panties before slipping back into bed for a lie in.
25th October 2011 / Number of pictures: 90
Miss Holli has insisted Emma-Kate attends a cookery classes as she has not been paying attention in class. Emma-Kate is not interested so she strips off her tight uniform while throwing flour at Miss Holli. This causes her to have to strip out of her sexy outfit also, leaving her in just her seamed stockings while cleaning up all the mess.
25th September 2011 / Number of pictures: 95
Emma-Kate is skiving PE, she does not see how playing hockey helps her with her education. She has hidden in the attic and she looks over the edge to watch the other girls heading out to the sport field. Not wanting to be in her gym kit anymore she slowly strips off her polo skirt, plaid skirt, cute gym pants and finally her pretty lingerie.
27th June 2011 / Length of video: 7:31
Emma-Kate is skiving PE and has gone to the dorms to hide out. She keeps an eye out to make sure she does not get caught. She decided to read but is feeling very tired, so she slowly slips off her cute little PE top and pleated skirt, then her tight gym panties and lingerie. Finally she takes off her pumps and gets into bed for a short nap.
15th April 2011 / Number of pictures: 95
Emma-Kate settled into the Geeks as soon she showed signs of exceptional intelligence. She is very happy as she likes to have her mind appreciated as well as her body. You can appreciate her mind fully as she strips off her very tight little uniform, then her pretty lingerie, leaving her naked apart from her knee high socks and sexy high heels.
5th April 2011 / Number of pictures: 110
Emma-Kate is our newest student. She is slim & pretty but seems quite serious... so do you think this she may be one to take her studies very seriously too?! See what you think as she strips off her tight fitted official uniform, then slips off her pretty lingerie leaving her naked apart from her knee high socks, high heels and straw boater.