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Elle Parker

Elle Parker

Name: Elle Parker School: St Mackenzie's Status: Totty Statistics: 5'4 (32E-24-32) Favourite subject: English Best Friend(s): Detentions: 6 Report Card:

25th April 2013 / Number of pictures: 90
Elle is reading in class as she waits for Miss to arrive. She is wearing her pretty uniform & over the knee socks all covering her sexy pale satin lingerie. She can feel you watching her so she slowly strips off her uniform & bra then, left in just her socks & panties, she sits on her desk before stripping them off too!
29th March 2013 / Number of pictures: 155
Elle is wearing her sexy Totty uniform with a cute cardigan, satin mini skirt and shirt & tie buttoned all the way up, all over her sexy pale pink satin lingerie. She slowly strips for you showing you her cleavage & bottom through her sheer backed panties. Finally she slips off her over the knee socks leaving her completely nude.
13th February 2013 / Length of video: 6:00
Elle has snuck a boy back to St Mackenzie’s after a night out, as she leads him up the stairs she is pursued to strip off her cute party outfit & lingerie. You can watch from the boys point of view as she slowly does a full strip tease, first slipping off her pretty corset top, tight black shorts & finally her cheeky panties.
23rd January 2013 / Length of video: 8:19
Elle is in a detention, and acts surprised when a boy from the all boys school sneaks in. You can watch from the boys point of view as she teases in her cute uniform, before slipping off her tie, cardigan, shirt & skirt. Then, in just her lingerie, socks & heels, she pretends she is shy before slipping off the remaining items.
5th January 2013 / Number of pictures: 120
As her new role as Deputy Head Girl Sophia is trying to stop students from skipping their lessons. So when she finds Elle skipping PE in the dormitory she tries her best to get her to go back outside. To make sure she’s not made to go back to PE Elle slips off all her cute gym kit, and then, giving up completely, Sophia strips too!
29th December 2012 / Number of pictures: 190
Amy & Cat have both skipped PE, not even bothering to get changed into their gym kits, and they are hanging out by the caretakers shed. As they wait they are joined by Elle who has left the lesson half way through. When Amy & Cat see she is wearing her full black gym panties they decide to strip off her entire gym kit & lingerie!
21st September 2012 / Number of pictures: 150
Amy has heard Elle is waiting at the caretakers shed hoping to meet a boy and she plans to sabotage the date. Elle is not impressed and a fight breaks out. As they wrestle each other their clothes are soon coming off. In just their lingerie they continue to roll around on the grass and before you know it they are both completely nude!
9th July 2012 / Number of pictures: 65
Elle is practising her ballet in the dance studio. As she stretches she knows you are watching her and cannot help teasing you. She pulls down her pretty pink leotard then slips it off altogether. She doesn’t stop there either as she strips off her opaque white pantyhose & thong, leaving her nude apart from her ballet pumps & leg warmers.
3rd April 2012 / Length of video: 6:20
Elle is waiting for a boy to come meet her and take her out for the evening. While waiting she receives a text... the boy is not coming. She feels let a bit upset and let down, however she knows you are secretly watching her so instead she does a slow strip tease just for you, after all someone should get to see her naked!
1st February 2012 / Number of pictures: 60
Elle is in an English lesson with Miss Jayne. However Elle cannot help noticing how Miss could look so much prettier if she made more of an effort. So she interrupts the lesson, gets out her makeup and starts to give Miss a makeover. Then, taking it further, Elle undresses Miss and herself and Miss is completely unable to stop her!
17th January 2012 / Length of video: 7:23
Elle is in detention; she has been playing with her hair in class and not concentrating. Left alone in detention she has no intention carrying on writing lines, and instead she brushes her long blonde hair. Feeling very sexy she slips off her cute uniform, then her pretty lace lingerie, showing off her perfectly formed little body.
15th November 2011 / Number of pictures: 60
After successfully completing her dare Elle is now an official Totty. The rest of the group have styled her in a black satin mini skirt, a cute black cardigan and over the knee socks, all over the top of pretty pink lace lingerie. She smiles her cute smile at you as she teases, slowly undressing, knowing how much you want her.
13th November 2011 / Length of video: 5:29
The Totty like Elle, she is pretty, blonde and cute, but before they accept her they set a dare, she has to go to the caretakers shed and strip nude risking getting seen by the caretaker! They all watch from a distance as Elle sneaks to the shed and slips off her uniform and lingerie, the whole time wondering if the caretaker is secretly watching her too.
5th November 2011 / Number of pictures: 100
We have another new student at St Mackenzie’s, and what a hottie she is! She is a bit shy to start but is isn’t long before she is slowing teasing off her tight fitted official St Mackenzie’s uniform. Next slipping off her pretty white lingerie so you can see her sexy curvy body. She is left nude apart from her over the knee socks and cute heels.