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Danielle Mayes

Danielle Mayes

Name: Danielle Mayes School: St Mackenzie's Status: Deputy Head Girl Statistics: 5'10 (34D-26-34) Favourite subject: Geography Best Friend(s): Jade-Victoria Price Detentions: 0 Report Card:

25th November 2012 / Number of pictures: 95
Danielle & Jade-Victoria have finished their lessons for the day and have gone to the dormitory. Knowing you are watching they tease as they strip off their tight uniforms. You can clearly see their sexy black seamed pantyhose as they climb up onto their bunk; then they slip off each other’s lingerie leaving them totally nude!
9th September 2012 / Number of pictures: 95
Danielle has come straight from her hockey match to the dormitory. She has played very hard so she slowly slips off her cute gym kit and her pretty lingerie. She then climbs up onto her bunk, as she does she does not care what she flashes at you ;), and as she lies on her bed you can fully appreciate her very sexy body.
13th July 2012 / Length of video: 5:24
Miss Shay has decided she needs to give Danielle a sex education lesson after hearing she has been dating lots of boys, however she has an ulterior motive. As she has Danielle alone she makes a move and the two end up kissing as they strip off each other’s sexy uniform and dress leaving them nude as they continue to kiss.
1st May 2012 / Number of pictures: 75
Danielle has been practising her dance in the studio; she is wearing her tight purple leotard and matching purple leg warmers. As she finishes she strips off her leotard showing you her pretty white polka dot lingerie. As she cools down she also slips off her lingerie and stretches while completely nude apart from her leg warmers.
17th April 2012 / Length of video: 7:12
Miss Shay has always has a bit of a thing for Danielle and has gone up to the dorms to wake her with the excuse of teaching her sex education privately. As they sit and discuss they cannot resist each other start to kiss. As things heat up they slip off their night dresses and stroke each other’s bodies as they continue to kiss.
3rd February 2012 / Length of video: 5:25
Danielle has gone to the attic store room to check that no one has written anything about her on the walls, not that they would dare. As she reads out the graffiti for her own amusement she starts to strip off her tight sexy uniform, then her pretty pink satin lingerie, leaving her nude apart from her black lace top holdups & heels.
5th December 2011 / Number of pictures: 45
I have called Danielle to my office to discuss some Deputy Head Girl duties I have for her. As she waits she thinks it would be amusing if when I arrive she is naked. So, whilst playing with her sexy stockings, she slowly slips off her tight sexy uniform and her gorgeous black lingerie, and then sits on my desk waiting in just her stockings & heels.
11th October 2011 / Number of pictures: 100
Danielle is in a History lesson. Danielle is one of Miss Abigail’s favourite students and knowing this Danielle flirts with her hoping to get better grades. Miss cannot resist her charms and brings Danielle to the front of class to strip her out of her tight uniform and lingerie, and as it gets heated Miss strips off her sexy red suit and lingerie too!
27th July 2011 / Length of video: 9:09
Danielle has been allowed to go into the staffroom to get some peace and quite so she can study. However when she gets there she is not in the mood to study and instead she slowly starts to strip off her tight sexy uniform. She slips out of her sexy lingerie and soon she is naked with her pantyhose and panties around her ankles.
23rd April 2011 / Length of video: 6:48
Danielle is on her way up to the dorms, however she is distracted as she walks past the window by some boys watching her. Not one to miss an opportunity Danielle performs a slow sexy strip tease for the boys. As she peels off her tight uniform you can also get the view of the boys as our new outdoor cameras film up at Danielle in the window.
17th December 2010 / Length of video: 6:49
Danielle is waiting for Miss as she has an Advanced Spanish lesson. She is not very patient and when Miss starts to run late she decides to strip. You can watch as she slowly strips out of that very tight skirt she wears along with the rest of her uniform and sexy lingerie leaving her naked as she lies back on the desks and opens her legs...
21st October 2010 / Number of pictures: 70
Carole, Danielle & Jade-Victoria are bored on a Saturday afternoon so go to check out if anyone dare write something bad about them on the attic store room walls. They then think it would be fun to write on each other in chalk! After writing on Carole’s bum in her tight little denim shorts they strip off their messy clothes then carry on and all strip naked!
15th October 2010 / Number of pictures: 60
Faye is waiting by the bike sheds hoping Danielle will come and meet her. As you know by now Faye has a serious girly crush on Danielle and Danielle loves the attention and adoration. So when she turns up Faye wants to undress her so she can see her tall sexy body. Danielle does not resist and they bother end up naked and kissing!
9th September 2010 / Number of pictures: 100
Danielle & Jade-Victoria are on their way up to the dorms. However on the stairs Jade-Victoria has other ideas as she pulls Danielle back so they can get up to some naughtiness on the stairs. Danielle rips Jade-Victoria holdups before they slowly strip of each others tight uniforms and sexy lingerie leaving them both naked in front of the window!
1st September 2010 / Number of pictures: 80
To start the new term I wanted some nice year book pictures to start the new school year so I told the officials to pose nicely for the pictures... which they did briefly before deciding it would be much more fun if they all got naked. So you can see as they slowly strip out of there very tight uniforms and sexy lingerie. Should I use the naked year book pictures?
17th August 2010 / Length of video: 6:48
It is no secret Faye has a crush on Danielle, she loves how beautiful, tall, sexy and cool she is. So she has hatched a plan to get Danielle on her own in a hope to be noticed by her and seduce her. She leads her into my bedroom and compliments her while asking for kiss after kiss... as they both strip will Faye’s cute wiles have won Danielle over?!
17th July 2010 / Length of video: 5:41
Danielle has snuck out for a cheeky cigarette by the bike sheds. As she lights up she notices out the corner of her eye that some of the boys from the school opposite are watching her. Pretending she hasn’t noticed them she slowly strips off all her tight uniform then pulls down her seamed pantyhose, sits on the bike rack and opens her legs...
5th June 2010 / Number of pictures: 110
Now Carole Hunt is our new Head Girl I am pleased to introduce our new Deputy Head Girl, Danielle. She is a very sexy confident lady who fit in perfectly at St Mackenzie’s. As you watch her strip out if her tight uniform, pull down her pantyhose & panties then bend over for you, I am sure you will be delighted she can afford our private school fees:)