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Amy Green

Amy Green

Name: Amy Green School: St Mackenzie's Status: Totty Statistics: 5'6 (32D-24-34) Favourite subject: French Best Friend(s): Lainey Watson Detentions: 9 Report Card:

16th December 2015 / Length of video: 14:15
Amy & Lainey have gone to the staff room looking for some wine; they want to start drinking ready for a night out. They find the wine but there are no glasses, and they refuse to drink straight out the bottle like a Chav. Instead they dare each other to strip right there in the staff room, so one by one they start to slip off their uniforms. They say they are worried about being caught but its clearly not enough to stop them stripping off everything else, including their lingerie, leaving them completely naked!
28th August 2015 / Length of video: 14:37
Harriett is skiving PE and is hiding in the classroom knowing it will be empty for the whole lesson. She is soon joined by Amy who has had the same idea. The girls insult each other as they wait and knowing Harriett can be prudish Amy dares her to strip, surprisingly she agrees but only if Amy strips too. Past caring if theyll get caught they continue to strip off their cute little gym kits. Soon they are in just their panties, pumps and sports socks, but Amy wants to take it further so both girls strip off their pumps and socks and finally they even slip off their panties too!
22nd July 2015 / Length of video: 8:56
Amy & Sarah are in trouble and have been sent to my office. They have been disruptive in class, by bickering and annoying each other. As they wait outside my office they are still in their sexy Totty & Emo school uniforms, but as they argue they start to slip off their uniforms, stills calling each other names as they do. As they wait outside my office in just their lingerie they continue to bicker and insult each other. They bitch about the others dress sense, hair and image. Personally I think they both look amazing in their own way?. Soon they are slipping of their sexy lingerie as well leaving them waiting in just their cute socks & heels.
4th May 2015 / Length of video: 15:45
Amy has come to my office to discuss some tasks I have asked her to perform for me. She knows I will have specialist outfits for these tasks as the may involve a bit of breaking & entering. So she starts to slip off her sexy Totty uniform as she waits in order to be ready, so she first she takes off her tie, cardigan, shirt and bra. She is still wearing her cute leather gloves and runs them all over her sexy pert breasts. She slips off her mini skirt showing her naughty little thong, and then her high heels and socks. In just her thong she runs her gloved hands all over her body before slipping them off too along with her thong.
25th February 2015 / Number of pictures: 85
Amy & Sarah have been left alone in their Physics lesson. These two are notorious for bitching at each other and as they start to play up the go to the front of the class. The start to strip off each other’s sexy uniforms so they are in just their lingerie, but they don’t stop there and slip off their lingerie too, leaving them in just their socks & heels!
13th July 2014 / Number of pictures: 85
Lainey has always been shy around St Mackenzie’s and has often faded into the background, but during their lesson Amy has finally noticed her. She has decided she may just have what it takes to be a Totty. So she undresses Lainey, slips off her own Totty uniform, then dresses Lainey up to see if she looks good enough to be a Totty.
13th April 2014 / Number of pictures: 120
Amy is in detention for trying to give Melissa a makeover in class. Miss was not impressed as Melissa was the only one listening! Amy has been left unattended, which happens a lot in my school, and is never a good idea. And Amy is not shy as she slips off all her cute uniform, lingerie, heels & socks leaving her completely naked.
28th February 2014 / Length of video: 9:40
Amy has gone to the library, but only as an excuse to get out of her lesson. As she pretends to look for a book we can take a sneaky look up her skirt at her sexy thong. She can feel your eyes on her so she teases and she slowly sin just her pretty peach coloured lingerie, over the knee socks & heels as she continues to look for a book. However she doesnt stop there as she slips off her bra showing you her pert boobs. Next she slips off her sexy heels & socks and finally her pretty thong comes off too leaving her completely naked!
25th November 2013 / Number of pictures: 100
Amy has been caught trying to sneak out of school when she should be in lessons. She is wearing a very sexy dress & blazer over pretty lingerie & tights. As she waits for Miss Drogan she thinks it best she slips off her outfit as she should be in uniform. However once she is naked she hears Miss coming so hides under her desk!
27th September 2013 / Length of video: 6:26
Amy is on her way back from visiting her boyfriend at St Hugh’s. She is wearing the boy’s uniform but still looks very sexy, mainly because you know it is covering her cute lingerie & gorgeous body. Not wanting to get caught she quietly slips off all the uniform & lingerie before making her way to the dormitory completely naked.
15th September 2013 / Number of pictures: 100
Amy has decided to sneak into St Hugh’s to see her new boyfriend. She’s managed to get hold of their uniform so she can go in disguise. Sarah, however, does not believe she has the guts to do it. So Amy has brought her to her bed to prove it. Sarah finds it very amusing as they both strip, before Amy redresses into the boys uniform.
15th June 2013 / Number of pictures: 105
Amy has woken up late. She slides out of her comfy bed and slips on her satin dressing gown. However she notices what a mess the Chavs bed is and can’t bare it so she puts away all the underwear then straightens the bed up. Finally she slips off all her sexy nightwear then rather to go to her lessons curls up naked on top of her bed.
15th May 2013 / Number of pictures: 130
Amy has pretended she is hurt so she can leave her PE lesson. However she forgot Matron insists on nudity before examination so, reluctantly, she slowly slips off her cute gym skirt, polo shirt, gym panties, bra & panties, before slipping off her pumps & socks too, leaving her completely nude and awaiting Matron.
29th April 2013 / Number of pictures: 145
Now Amy is back in her rightful place as a Totty she has a very sexy new uniform. She is wearing a shiny wet look skirt, pretty cardigan with her shirt buttoned to the top. She cannot wait to strip for you, slowly slipping it all off to show you her pretty lingerie, then finally slipping off her bra, panties & over the knee socks.
17th March 2013 / Length of video: 10:02
Amy is missing being a Totty, she loves being top of her class but dressing like a Geek just isn’t her. So she strips off all her geeky uniform & lingerie leaving her completely nude, before slowly slipping on her sexy lingerie & cute Totty uniform. She lets down her hair and, back to her cute glamorous self, is officially a Totty again.
15th December 2012 / Number of pictures: 100
Amy & Natalie have just come back from a school trip and have come to my office to fill me in on how it went. As they wait for me they decide the only way to express how good the trip was is to climb up onto my desk and strip off their sexy uniforms. They then continue to slip off their pretty lingerie and wait for me completely naked!
9th June 2012 / Number of pictures: 90
Amy & Natalie have woken up early as they need to revise for an exam. They start to revise but realise they are still in their cute nightwear. So they slip off each other’s tight little pyjamas, babydoll and panties. Not wanting to bother getting dressed they climb onto their bed and get out their books to study while totally nude.
11th March 2012 / Number of pictures: 60
Amy & Natalie have arrived early for their advanced Physics lesson. As they wait they catch each other's eye and, even though they take their lessons seriously, they start to strip off their tight uniforms and pretty lingerie. Before you know it Amy is in just her knee high socks and Natalie has pulled her pantyhose and thong down!
19th December 2011 / Number of pictures: 60
Amy has heard some of her external exam results have arrived and she is keen to know the results, so she has skipped her PE lesson to go and look for them. Finding the office empty she looks through all the paperwork. Feeling frustrated by her skimpy little gym kit she strips it off then, without really realising, she slips off her pretty lingerie too!
3rd November 2011 / Length of video: 5:37
Amy has heard her IQ tests are back and, feeling impatient, she has gone to the office to see if she can find them. As she searches through the filing cabinet & trays she slowly slips out of her tight uniform. She has no luck in finding her results and is disappointed, but you definitely won’t be as she is left nude apart from her socks and heels!
23rd September 2011 / Length of video: 4:44
I have called Amy to my office to discuss her new subject choices. I’m running late and Amy has already been waiting for over fifteen minutes. Bored of waiting she climbs up onto my desk and looks at herself in the mirror, she slowly strips off her tight sexy uniform and then her pretty lingerie wanting to admire her naked body in the mirror.
17th August 2011 / Length of video: 7:33
Amy has gone to the attic store room to try to get some peace and quiet so she can catch up on her reading. However she finds the seating uncomfortable and her tight clothing on this hot day does not help either. Unable to concentrate she slips out of her cute little outfit, then her pretty lingerie, leaving her to read in naked comfort :)
13th July 2011 / Length of video: 5:10
Amy is trying to catch up on her work but cannot find anywhere quiet. On her way down from the dorms she stops on the stairs to read. However it is a hot day and her uniform is tight, and as she tries to read she cannot get comfortable. So she slowly strips off her little uniform and lingerie and carries on with her reading naked!
15th June 2011 / Number of pictures: 120
After Deputy Head Elise so cruelly crushed Amy’s dreams of becoming a Page 3 girl in her careers meeting Amy has decided that she must turn her attention to her studies instead. So she has joined with the Geeks hoping they will be a better influence. Don’t worry though, she still enjoys talking her uniform off knowing you are all watching :)
5th June 2011 / Number of pictures: 65
Amy is in a careers session with Deputy Head Elise who is suggesting possible ideas for her. However Amy has a different career in mind and when she tells Miss Elise he plans to become a page 3 model she is not impressed. So to make her point she orders Amy to the front of the class & makes her strip to see if she has the right credentials.
19th May 2011 / Number of pictures: 70
Amy and Cat are skiving PE, however Miss Hayley has seen them sneaking off. Unfortunately before Miss can catch them, the two girls find the caretakers stash of girly mags and guess whose is featured in one of the mags? Miss Hayley! When Miss arrives at the shed she is mortified, and even more so when the girls blackmail her to strip!
11th May 2011 / Number of pictures: 80
Amy has had her mobile phone confiscated by Deputy Head Elise, so she has gone into her office to see if she can find it. After a short search she finds it hidden, straight away she calls a boy she likes. As she is on the phone she strip naked out off her cute little uniform and tells the boy what she is doing to tease him.
29th April 2011 / Number of pictures: 150
Miss Elise has brought Amy up to her office as she is in trouble for wearing unsuitable socks. First she makes Amy remove her socks before giving the soles of her feet three sharp strokes with her cane. She then orders her to strip naked before dealing out the same punishment on her bottom, leaving three clear red marks across her cheeks.
11th April 2011 / Number of pictures: 120
Kayleigh has been told to meet Amy at the caretakers shed. She is unaware that Amy has brought Cat with her so she can get her revenge for when Kayleigh was horrible to her. Amy and Cat first strip Kayleigh naked apart from her socks and heels, then bind her hands with her tie before striping themselves and dumping their clothes on her!
29th March 2011 / Number of pictures: 100
Kayleigh has told Amy to meet her at the St Mackenzie’s caretakers shed. Amy is nervous as Kayleigh is one of her arch enemies. When Kayleigh arrives she attacks poor Amy, stripping off her cute little uniform as she pushes and pulls her around. When Amy is stripped naked Kayleigh strips off her uniform too and throws it at her!
7th March 2011 / Length of video: 6:40
Amy is skiving PE and has gone to hide in the caretakers shed. She has taken her phone with her as she plans to tease a boy she likes by sending him a picture of herself in her cute sexy little PE kit. She then continues to strip off each item of clothing one by one taking a picture each time, and soon she is sending topless then naked pictures of herself!
27th February 2011 / Length of video: 6:12
Amy is in a detention for missing her PE lesson earlier in the day. She sits writing her lines but she does not think she should have to do PE, so she leaves her desk and goes to change writing on the board. She then slowly strips off her cute little uniform and sexy lingerie leaving her naked apart from her over the knee socks and high heels.
11th February 2011 / Number of pictures: 100
Amy is skiving PE and has crept off to Mr Grimey's shed to hide out, but unfortunately Miss Hayley saw her sneak off. When Miss finds her in the shed she is so angry she makes her strip off her short little gym skirt, tight top, gym panties & lingerie. Amy is then made to put her hands on her head and stand naked in the corner until told otherwise!
13th January 2011 / Length of video: 5:50
Amy is in the dorms, she has got up late and is skiving her lesson. She applies some makeup so she is looking her best then relaxes and takes a look at a lads magazine she found. Amy really wants to be a glamour model so she slowly slips off her cute babydoll and sexy panties so she can compare her body to the naked ladies in the magazine.
5th December 2010 / Number of pictures: 55
Amy has snuck out of class and has planned to meet a boy in Mr Grimey’s shed. She arrives early and is feeling a bit anxious she will get caught. She is feeling very naughty so she decides to strip out of her cute outfit and lingerie so when he arrives she is completely naked! Let’s hope she doesn’t get caught by Deputy Headmistress Elise!
25th November 2010 / Number of pictures: 80
Deputy Head Elise has just heard that Amy is in the dorms getting ready to go on a night out with a boy! So she heads up to the dorms in her nightdress to apprehend her. When Amy realises Miss is watching her she knows she is in trouble. Miss makes her strip off her tight little party dress then her pretty lingerie and orders her into bed naked!
15th November 2010 / Number of pictures: 100
Amy Green is back, after being sent to a convent (in the hope she will stop chasing after boys) she has been expelled and has returned to St Mackenzie’s and we were happy to have her back. She will show you how happy she is to be within our walls again as she strips off her cute uniform and sexy lingerie leaving her in just her knee high socks!
28th February 2009 / Number of pictures: 150
Amy & Kate, two of the cutest students at St Mackenzieâ??s are looking as gorgeous as ever. I hope you have a strong heart as they sure know how to get your pulses racing as you watch them strip each other out of their tiny little uniforms showing off their amazing sexy bodies.
21st February 2009 / Number of pictures: 60
These three girls should not be left alone, especially with a wooden ruler! Amy is the first to start to undress knowing that you are all watching her. Does not take much time for the other two to strip out their uniforms too. Poor Holly is the one who ends up with the bare bum and the wooden ruler aimed at her pert pink cheeks!
17th February 2009 / Number of pictures: 100
Amy is pretending to do her work but I know what she is thinking and your about to see how bored she quickly becomes. She will of course want to share her perky little body with you as she strips off all her uniform leaving her completely naked.
29th January 2009 / Number of pictures: 50
Holly, Amy & Emma sneaking up the dormitory stairs and cannot help stopping half way to strip each other out of their gorgeous lingerie. They are having so much fun, who would I be to try and stop them?!
25th January 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
Don't my girls look lovely, learning so much but mainly how to undress each other. I have taught them well. I hope you appreciate their gorgeous bodies as they strip everything off. I do like it when my students express themselves through nudity.
17th January 2009 / Number of pictures: 120
Amy looks so cute in her sexy little uniform, like butter wouldn't melt - but I know her better and that all she is doing is reeling you all in before you manipulates you into giving her exactly what she wants. She strips off all her uniform leaving her in nothing but her over the knee socks.