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Amy Alexandra

Amy Alexandra

Name: Amy Alexandra School: St Mackenzie's Status: Emo Statistics: 5'4 (32E-24-34) Favourite subject: English Best Friend(s): Detentions: 16 Report Card:

29th December 2012 / Number of pictures: 190
Amy & Cat have both skipped PE, not even bothering to get changed into their gym kits, and they are hanging out by the caretakers shed. As they wait they are joined by Elle who has left the lesson half way through. When Amy & Cat see she is wearing her full black gym panties they decide to strip off her entire gym kit & lingerie!
29th November 2012 / Number of pictures: 140
Amy and Cat have heard the caretaker has been spying on them again as they get changed, so they have gone to his shed planning to give him a proper eye full. Knowing he has hidden cameras everywhere they slowly slip off their naughty outfits & sexy lingerie while climbing all over his sit on mower completely naked.
27th October 2012 / Length of video: 7:07
It is Candice’s birthday and the Chavs have decorated her bunk with birthday banners and balloons. However Amy has missed her lesson and plans to skive in the dormitory. When she sees all the decorations she feels spiteful, so she pops all the balloons and pulls down the banners, stripping off her sexy uniform & lingerie as she does!
21st September 2012 / Number of pictures: 150
Amy has heard Elle is waiting at the caretakers shed hoping to meet a boy and she plans to sabotage the date. Elle is not impressed and a fight breaks out. As they wrestle each other their clothes are soon coming off. In just their lingerie they continue to roll around on the grass and before you know it they are both completely nude!
27th March 2012 / Length of video: 4:24
Cat is skipping her PE lesson and as she hangs around outside the caretakers shed Amy appears planning to skip PE too. They have never got on well so they take pleasure in insulting each other. As the insults continue they strip off their cute gym kits then pull off each other’s lingerie until they are left in just their gym socks & pumps.
19th February 2012 / Number of pictures: 125
Amy is in a maths lesson with Miss Hannah. Amy is bored and as Miss’ back is turned she scratches her name into the desk with her compass, however Miss sees her and is not impressed. As punishment she swipes her across the hands with her ruler then makes her strip before swiping the ruler across her pert bottom too.
9th December 2011 / Number of pictures: 55
Amy is skipping her lesson and sitting on the stairs writing in her emotional journal. She is soon disturbed by Carly-Ann and, not one to miss an opportunity, she grabs Amy’s diary. In a desperate bid to get it back Amy grabs at Carly-Ann's clothing and as they wrestle they peel off each other’s naughty little uniforms and sexy lingerie.
21st November 2011 / Number of pictures: 105
Amy is in another detention for wearing incorrect uniform. To show she really doesn’t care about being in trouble she has turned up to her detention in her naughty Emo mini skirt, school blazer and her sexiest red fishnet pantyhose, all covering her cute black starred lingerie. Then, before Miss has even arrived, she strips completely nude!
27th October 2011 / Length of video: 5:25
Amy is skiving her PE lesson again and has gone to the caretakers shed to hide out. She is soon bored and messes about with the items in the shed trying to find something interesting to do. With no success she decides it would be fun to strip off her sexy gym kit and lingerie leaving her nude apart from her cute gym socks and gym shoes.
9th October 2011 / Number of pictures: 70
Its morning and Carly-Ann decides wakes Amy with a pillow in the face. Once out of bed they push each other as they fight for mirror time. As it gets rougher they pull at each other’s cute pyjamas. Once naked Amy tries to get dressed but Carly-Ann isn’t having any of it and keeps pulling off her clothes as she tries to dress.
27th September 2011 / Length of video: 5:23
Amy has gone to the caretakers shed to see if she can steal the sit on lawn mower as she plans to mow over the Totty’s pretty flower bed. She searches all over the mower for the keys or another way she may be able to get it started. She doesn’t have any luck so instead she strips off her sexy Emo outfit and climbs all over the mower naked!
9th September 2011 / Number of pictures: 60
Carly-Ann is skiving PE and has gone to hide in the attic. Amy has also decided to skive and when she sees Carly-Ann sitting inside with her sunglasses on she find it very amusing. After stealing the glasses a fight erupts and as they wrestle they soon loose all of their clothes and lingerie until they are almost fully naked!
1st September 2011 / Number of pictures: 80
Amy & Carly-Ann are in a detention for pulling each others hair in class. They have been left alone with unfinished business. It’s not long before they are fighting and pulling hair each other hair again, climbing all over the desks and wrestling off each others sexy little uniforms. Will they get caught all dishevelled and topless?
9th August 2011 / Number of pictures: 65
Amy has gone to her PE class wearing inappropriate gym panties. Miss Hayley was not impressed with her Emo pattered impersonations so has sent her to wait in Deputy Headmistress’ office. Once there Amy thinks it is probably better for Miss to catch her nude than wearing the wrong uniform so she strips off her tiny gym kit and cute lingerie.
11th June 2011 / Number of pictures: 55
Amy is waiting to meet up with Sam so they can sneak out for the day and skip lessons. However after waiting for quite a while Amy starts to worry Sam has been caught on her way to meet her. So she strips off her sexy Emo outfit right there on the stairs, just in case, because if she’s going to get caught she would rather get caught naked!
23rd May 2011 / Length of video: 4:04
Amy is skiving PE again, she does not appreciate being told to run around for no good reason! She has gone to the dance studio knowing no one would look for there. She is bored as there is nothing to do in the studio if you don’t dance, so instead she strips off her cute little uniform and lingerie leaving her naked apart from her sports socks.
19th April 2011 / Number of pictures: 145
Amy has is skiving PE, she hates running around a muddy field in the cold. She has gone up to the attic store room hoping she won’t get caught. As she hides out she reads the graffiti then adds some comments of her own, before stripping of her skimpy little gym kit and pretty lingerie leaving her naked apart from her sports socks & trainers.
3rd February 2011 / Length of video: 6:47
Amy has woken up late and is planning to skive her lessons all day. So, still in her pyjamas, she thinks the safest place to go is the staff room as it will be empty most the day and is the last place teachers will think to look. So she slowly strips off her tight little pyjamas, leaving her completely naked, and then gets under a blanket to fall asleep.
29th January 2011 / Number of pictures: 90
Amy has brought herself a new skirt and wants to everyone to see it. So on the way down from the dorms she stops on the stairs in front of the window, first she slowly strips slips off her tie then undoes her shirt before taking it off completely. Much as she loves her new skirt she the pulls that down too and continues to strip until she is left naked!
27th December 2010 / Length of video: 6:58
The Emos do not care for Christmas & Amy is definitely not a Christmas person, she thinks it is society dictating to her. So to be ironic she has stole a cute Santa dress from the Totty and is wearing it as she graffitis the store rooms walls. She then strips off the little dress and sexy lingerie ready to leave it sprawled all over the store room floor.
19th December 2010 / Number of pictures: 115
Amy & Samantha have just finished their lessons for the day and they are off on a night out. You can watch as they strip off their naughty little uniform, stripped pantyhose and sexy lingerie. They then look at their gorgeous bodies in the mirror before getting dressed into their tight wet look leggings and sexy little tops ready to party.
21st November 2010 / Number of pictures: 85
Amy, Kayla & Samantha have skived off their lesson and have gone to hide out in the store room attic. They read the graffiti on the walls and add some of their own. They are soon bored so they each strip out of their little uniforms leaving them naked except for their cute over the knee socks and shoes.
9th October 2010 / Number of pictures: 90
Christy is in a detention minding her business... however Amy had heard she is in a detention and uses the opportunity to pay her a visit! After climbing in through the window a fight breaks out and as the girls scrap their clothes get striped and pulled off in the chaos leaving two sexy, young, naked girls wrestling on the classroom floor!
21st September 2010 / Number of pictures: 70
It is the Emos turn at their year book pictures and they are about as uninterested as everyone else. They start off looking sullen before they start to strip off their little uniforms, proving how they do not care about the year book at all. Amy, Kayla & Samantha all end up completely naked, and I really don’t care, as I will still use the pictures anyhow:)
15th August 2010 / Number of pictures: 70
Amy is detention with Miss Monica. However Miss Monica has been sipping away at her gin again and soon looses site of the fact Amy is a detention and encourages her to have a drink too. After a while they both feel a bit tipsy and Amy is first to strip off her little uniform then when left alone Miss Monica strips naked too!
11th August 2010 / Number of pictures: 100
Amy has heard that the St Michael’s Emos are planning to break into St Mackenzie’s and she is not impressed, so she decides to get in there first and breaks into their classroom! She climbs in through the window and turns the room upside down before striping naked out of her tiny uniform and leaving a warning message on the white board.
1st August 2010 / Number of pictures: 110
Amy has skipped her Physics lesson and has snuck back up to the dorms. Hoping no one will notice she is missing and she will not be found she strips off her naughty little uniform, then she slowly slips off her tight pink footless tights and sexy lingerie, before finally relaxing naked to read her book.
27th July 2010 / Length of video: 6:23
Amy has been out all night and still feeling a little tipsy. When she returns to the dorms she considers briefly going to class but instead she decides she needs a little sleep first. So she slowly strips off her wet look leggings, sexy vest top & lingerie leaving her naked before she slides on her tight revealing pajamas, then flops onto her bed.
29th June 2010 / Number of pictures: 140
Amy & Teta-Maria are in an English lesson. Normally this is one of their favourite lessons but it is proving very dull on this morning. So to make it a bit more entertaining Amy puts Miss Nicola’s book out on the window ledge knowing that she will struggle to get it back. As Miss tries to retrieve the book Amy & Teta-Maria strip naked behind her back!
15th June 2010 / Number of pictures: 50
Amy is not a big fan of PE lessons and Miss Hayley has been giving her a hard time. So she has snuck off to hide by the bike sheds until the lesson is over. As she is waiting she gets bored and decides it would be more interesting to strip off her sexy PE kit, regulation black gym knickers and gorgeous lingerie leaving her completely naked!
13th February 2010 / Length of video: 3:30
Amy has had her socks & nail varnish confiscated and they have been given to me to look after. However Amy is not one to accept this and when she knows I have left my office she sneaks in to find her confiscated items. She looks through all my drawers and when she finds them she strips off all her uniform and leaves it sprawled all over my desk!
27th January 2010 / Length of video: 5:26
Miss Nicola is trying to teach Amy & Teta-Maria The Tempest but unfortunately they are in a naughty mood. As they throw chalk at poor Miss Nicola she cannot help getting confused as to where the chalk is coming from, and while she is trying to pick all the chalk up off the floor our two Emos strip naked in their seats without Miss even noticing!
7th January 2010 / Length of video: 3:36
The Emos hate the vacuous natures of the Chavs and Amy decides that the best way to deal with this is to cast a spell on them. She tears up a picture of Candice and drops it into her potion, then to add to the conviction of the spell she strips off all her uniform while performing her magic... will it work?! If not her big breasts will definitely spellbind you!
28th November 2009 / Number of pictures: 120
Amy has had to take extra Maths lessons and not impressed with being kept back she thinks throwing paper balls at Miss Elise is a good idea. She soon regrets this as Miss Elise decides to get out her cane... Then left alone while Miss goes to an important meeting, Amy then strips off her little sexy uniform leaving her completely naked.
16th November 2009 / Number of pictures: 100
Amy & Teta-Maria are in detention once again for wearing incorrect uniforms. You would think they would learn their lesson, but we all know they never will and we all prefer it that way if we are honest? They of course have no intention of completing their lines and instead strip each other, not really caring if they get caught.
16th October 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
Miss Millicent does not think Amy is taking her German grammar seriously so decides she should have to do more work. While Miss Millicent is practising her restraining knots Amy gets her own back by stripping behind her back. Frustrated and annoyed Miss Millicent cannot stop herself from tying a completely naked Amy to the desk!
7th September 2009 / Number of pictures: 50
Amy & Teta-Maria have had enough of the teachers telling them how to behave and telling them what they should be wearing. They want to be free to express themselves! So they sneak into the staff room and perform some of there voodoo magic spells, hoping it will free the minds of their teachers... but instead it seems to free them of their clothes!
28th August 2009 / Number of pictures: 100
Having skipped her Home Economics class Amy is being made to catch up. Miss Nikki would rather be relaxing in the staff room but instead has had to bring afternoon glass of wine to the classroom. Distracted by this she fails to notice Amy is not interested whatsoever in convenience foods and has stripped completely naked behind her back!
19th August 2009 / Length of video: 3:27
Having stolen strong lacquer from the staff room Teta-Maria & Amy head to the dorms. Having drunk most of it by the time they get to the stairs they are already tipsy, and feeling naughty they strip each other naked. Amy then lets Teta-Maria tie her hands behind her back not realising Teta-Maria is planning to leave her naked on the stairs!
19th July 2009 / Length of video: 5:46
Amy is brooding over just how unfair life is and how much she hates the Chavs. So feeling bored and frustrated she strips off her uniform and lingerie leaving her naked apart from her sexy fishnet hold ups. Still frustrated she then rips her fishnets off revealing her gorgeous legs!
4th July 2009 / Number of pictures: 60
In detention again for wearing non-regulation uniform Amy does not take the punishment lying down. Instead of doing her lines she makes a stand by stripping off all her uniform, if she cannot wear what she wants she will just attend class naked. Point well made I think!
21st June 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
When Amy & Teta-Maria are feeling a bit sensitive about all their deep Emo feeling and issues it definitely helps them relax by stripping off their very non-regulation uniforms. Seeing each other naked and playing with each others gorgeous bodies helps them forget it all as they end up naked except for their sexy fishnets.
13th April 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
All our Emos together with all their deep and meaningful emotions running wild. They manage get over all their feelings by concentrating on stripping off their non-regulation uniforms, exposing all their gorgeous bodies.
5th April 2009 / Number of pictures: 120
Amy is another one of our Emos and insists on expressing herself with her non-regulation uniform, however most the time you attention is taken off what she is wearing as you are detracted but her massive breasts! With a cleavage you could loose your head in who really cares if she is not wear correct uniform. I know I don't!