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April 2009

29th April 2009 / Number of pictures: 60
All three of the cutest, prettiest and most manipulative students in St Mackenzie's. So perfectly groomed and knowing how to work there gorgeousness who wouldn't fall in love with them all, especially when they are all stripping off each others sexy little uniforms
25th April 2009 / Number of pictures: 120
Lucy-Anne is the cutest student at St Mackenzie's and she can wrap everyone round her little finger, especially me! Of course I let her get away with murder, but with her gorgeous little body and pretty face who really cares what she is up to, good or bad?!
21st April 2009 / Number of pictures: 100
The adorable Faye is captivatingly beautiful, and she knows it. With her pert little breasts and sexy bottom you will not be able to get her out your head, especially when she is left totally naked except for her cute over the knee socks.
17th April 2009 / Number of pictures: 90
Stevie-Louise knows exactly what she is doing when she flutters her long eyes lashes at you. Then once she has stripped off her cute uniform and revealed her outstanding body with her perfect breasts and bottom you will be totally hooked on her, and there is definitely no escape.
13th April 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
All our Emos together with all their deep and meaningful emotions running wild. They manage get over all their feelings by concentrating on stripping off their non-regulation uniforms, exposing all their gorgeous bodies.
9th April 2009 / Number of pictures: 80
Rachael is gorgeous even when she keeps pushing the rules with her uniform. I love to see her express herself with her cute little Emo outfits, and it's even better when she strips out of her uniform to show off her amazing little body. I know you will enjoy it as much as I do too.
5th April 2009 / Number of pictures: 120
Amy is another one of our Emos and insists on expressing herself with her non-regulation uniform, however most the time you attention is taken off what she is wearing as you are detracted but her massive breasts! With a cleavage you could loose your head in who really cares if she is not wear correct uniform. I know I don't!
1st April 2009 / Number of pictures: 100
Teta-Maria's skirt could not be any shorter and it is definitely not regulation uniform, but with legs that long who could blame her for wanting her to show them off, so I turn a blind eye when she wears it, it would be rude not to. She still strips all her uniform off when she gets a chance and the rest of her body is unbelievably sexy too!

March 2009

29th March 2009 / Number of pictures: 90
All the geeks together, you may think that its all about academics and their genius, but even our top pupils need to let their hair down sometimes and it is not long before they realise that it is much more fun to undress each other, leaving them all naked except for their knee high socks.
25th March 2009 / Number of pictures: 110
Being St Mackenzie's Mathematical genius can be hard work so Nicola likes to take some pressure off by stripping off all her tight little uniform. I think you will like what you see, with her pert little boobs and bottom I know I do!
21st March 2009 / Number of pictures: 120
Geek Charlotte will have you believe that she only uses her genius for her studies but I know different... so do not be fooled! You will see how just how sexy she can be too as she strips completely naked leaving her in just her knee high socks.
17th March 2009 / Number of pictures: 50
Miss Hayley is looking for Miss Monica and luckily for you she finds her in the staffroom. Miss Hayley cannot wait to get hold of her as they both strip down to their panties.
13th March 2009 / Number of pictures: 100
Three of our naughtiest Chavs alone in the classroom. You just know they are going to be up to know good... and you are right as they strip each other completely naked leaving them in just their stockings. With their clothed strewn all over the place I just hope they do not get caught!
9th March 2009 / Number of pictures: 150
Katie is looking as very sexy as she introduces herself by stripping off all of her non-regulation uniform. She is left completely naked except for her silky stockings that she has carelessly laddered!
5th March 2009 / Number of pictures: 120
Candice is one of our naughtiest Chavs; she is always in trouble for something usually for taking her clothes off! She just is always showing off her body, and what a fine body it is... and I know she would love to think you were watching her undress :o)
1st March 2009 / Number of pictures: 70
Kate is meant to being doing some extra work to catch up but she cannot help feeling like her time would be better spent checking just how good her boobs are looking... and I can assure you they are looking as gorgeous as usual!
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