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Miss Pharrell

Name: Miss Pharrell School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 5'6 (34DD-26-35) Teaching subject: Art & Design Favourite Student: Becky Gilbert Number of years teaching: 9 Teaching style: Creative

5th March 2014
Length of video: 6:14
Miss Pharrell

PART 2: Still hoping Matron will turn up, Miss Pharrell has exposed her breasts and lifts her leg up onto the couch showing her panties. She doesn't stop there as she strips off the rest of her outfit, lingerie & stockings leaving her completely nude and finding Matrons latex gloves, she pulls them on and strokes all over her body.


3rd March 2014
Length of video: 5:49
Miss Pharrell

PART 1: Miss Pharrell has told her class she is ill, but she is just skiving, she is nearly as bad as the students! She has gone to Matrons room in case anyone checks but is secretly hoping Matron will show up to keep her company. So she slowly starts to slip off her sexy outfit, showing her gorgeous white stockings & suspenders. Cont…


7th November 2013
Length of video: 7:43
Miss Pharrell

Miss Pharrell is waiting for me outside my office. As she waits she clocks you watching her. She never misses an opportunity to tease & embarrass you boys so, whilst telling you how naughty you are, she does a slow strip for you, slipping off her skirt, top and lingerie, leaving her in just her stockings, suspenders & heels.


9th September 2013
Number of pictures: 200
Miss Pharrell

Miss Pharrell in undoubtedly the naughtiest teacher we have here at St Mackenzie’s and she loves naughty students, especially you naughty boys who sneak in. Knowing you are watching her she slowly slips off her tight top, skirt, lingerie, and even her black patterned stocking & suspenders, leaving her in just her high heels!


19th May 2013
Number of pictures: 160
Emma-Lou Fisher, Miss Pharrell

Emma-Lou is in an Art History lesson, she has no interest in this subject (or any other) so goes to the front of the class to cause trouble with Miss Pharrell. However Miss has other ideas and instead makes Emma-Lou strip! First making her slip off her slutty uniform, then her pretty lingerie & finally her black stockings.


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