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Miss Nicola

Name: Miss Nicola School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 5'2 (34D-24-32) Teaching subject: English Favourite Student: Number of years teaching: Teaching style:

29th June 2010
Number of pictures: 140
Amy Alexandra, Miss Nicola, Teta-Maria Stone

Amy & Teta-Maria are in an English lesson. Normally this is one of their favourite lessons but it is proving very dull on this morning. So to make it a bit more entertaining Amy puts Miss Nicola’s book out on the window ledge knowing that she will struggle to get it back. As Miss tries to retrieve the book Amy & Teta-Maria strip naked behind her back!


7th February 2010
Length of video: 4:06
Miss Keira, Miss Nicola

Miss Nicola is in the staff room reading, however when Miss Keira joins her she has other ideas. She helps herself to a glass of wine and tries to loosen Nicola up a bit. She slowly strips off her tiny little dress and sexy bra in front of her trying the whole time to get Nicolaâ??s attention, will she succeed?!


27th January 2010
Length of video: 5:26
Amy Alexandra, Miss Nicola, Teta-Maria Stone

Miss Nicola is trying to teach Amy & Teta-Maria The Tempest but unfortunately they are in a naughty mood. As they throw chalk at poor Miss Nicola she cannot help getting confused as to where the chalk is coming from, and while she is trying to pick all the chalk up off the floor our two Emos strip naked in their seats without Miss even noticing!


21st January 2010
Number of pictures: 80
Miss Nicola

Miss Nicola has gone to the staff room for some piece and quiet and to plan her next lesson. However she is still feeling stressed after her last lesson with the Chavs, so to unwind she strips off all her cute little outfit and sexy black lingerie leaving her naked to climb around on the sofa. If this does not relax her I do not know what will!


4th November 2009
Length of video: 3:03
Miss Nicola, Teta-Maria Stone

Teta-Maria is in trouble again and Miss Nicola had no option but to put her in a detention to make sure she gets all her work done. Tired from a stressful day teaching Miss Nicola canâ??t help falling asleep and after realising this Teta-Maria strips naked throwing all her uniform and underwear over a sleeping Miss, leaving her like a sleeping clothes horse!


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