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Miss McGuire

Name: Miss McGuire School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 5'4 (32DD-24-34) Teaching subject: Food Technology Favourite Student: Jo Evans Number of years teaching: 8 Teaching style: Flirty & Hands On

11th June 2014
Length of video: 5:43
Miss McGuire

PART 2: Miss McGuire slowly slips off all her sexy little outfit, asking you if you have ever seen a real woman before and do you like stockings? She knows you are not as shy as you make out as you stare at her big boobs you can see she loves teasing you. Soon she is in just her stockings and heels, aren't you are a very lucky boy?!


9th June 2014
Length of video: 6:04
Miss McGuire

PART 1: Miss McGuire has been baking for Matron, and she has taken some biscuits to her room. When she realises Matron is not there she decides to wait. However she soon spots you hiding behind the screen and cannot believe your cheek! She knows you were hoping to see Matron naked so decides to tease you. Cont…


29th April 2014
Length of video: 6:25
Miss McGuire

PART 2: As Miss McGuire slowly slips off all her cute outfit she is still unaware you are watching her. She smiles to herself and she exposes more and more of her body. Her big round breasts and nice round ass have you captivated. Soon she is completely naked apart from her high heels, but as she sits back at her desk she spots you!


27th April 2014
Length of video: 6:36
Miss McGuire

PART 1: Miss McGuire is waiting for her class to turn up. It will be made up mostly of Chavs & Emos so she is not really expecting anyone to show. Bored of waiting she figures if they are not going to show she may as well have some fun. However, she does not realise that you are in the room, spying on her every move… Cont…


19th November 2013
Number of pictures: 155
Emma-Kate Dawson, Miss McGuire

Being a huge flirt Miss McGuire demands everyone’s attention. Even in her lessons she expects the sexual attention of her students. So when Emma-Kate ignores her she pushes her cleavage in her face & shows her stocking tops. When she has no luck she pulls Emma-Kate to the front of the class & strips her completely naked!


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25th October 2013
Miss McGuire
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Miss McGuire
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Miss Coppin, Miss McGuire