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Miss Hannah

Name: Miss Hannah School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 5'1 (34D-24-34) Teaching subject: Mathematics Favourite Student: Number of years teaching: Teaching style:

13th August 2012
Length of video: 11:21
Miss Hannah

Miss Hannah has heard it is Deputy Elise birthday; she always wants to impress the Deputy so she has gone to her office to put up some decorations. She blows up some balloons while stripping off her sexy outfit. Once nude she suddenly realises that it is Elise’s who hates balloons, so she goes round popping every single one!


19th February 2012
Number of pictures: 125
Amy Alexandra, Miss Hannah

Amy is in a maths lesson with Miss Hannah. Amy is bored and as Miss’ back is turned she scratches her name into the desk with her compass, however Miss sees her and is not impressed. As punishment she swipes her across the hands with her ruler then makes her strip before swiping the ruler across her pert bottom too.


21st August 2011
Number of pictures: 85
Miss Hannah

Miss Hannah has got a meeting with Deputy Head Elise about stronger control in class. Miss Hannah admires Miss Elise’s discipline and cannot resist playing with her cane. Getting carried away she climbs all over the desk stripping off her tight fitted suit and her sexy lingerie, leaving her in just her silky stockings and suspenders.


17th July 2011
Length of video: 7:16
Miss Hannah

Miss Hannah has gone to the staffroom in her break. As she sits back to relax she feels restricted in her tight suit jacket and skirt, so she strips them off. Left in just her lingere, stockings and suspenders she still feels uncomfortable so she undoes her bra and slips off her panties, leaving her stockings on so she can still feel their silkiness on her legs.


7th January 2011
Length of video: 9:21
Miss Hannah

Miss Hannah has been told by Deputy Elise to go to the attic store room and check who has been graffiting the walls. Miss Hannah loves following Miss Elise’s orders and as she makes notes she feels very sexy, so she runs her hands all over her body before sliding down her slip over her breasts then slides it completely off along with her panties.


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1st December 2010
Miss Hannah