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Matron Jenny

Name: Matron Jenny School: St Mackenzie's Status: Matron Statistics: 5'6 (34F-28-38) Teaching subject: N/A Favourite Student: Number of years teaching: Teaching style:

29th December 2010
Number of pictures: 130
Matron Jenny, Miss Taylor

Faye has hurt her foot in PE so has been sent to Matron. Matron as usual sees and opportunity to take advantage and as she examines Faye she starts to strip off her tight nurses uniform and encourages Faye to strip off her little PE kit. As she has a naked Faye in front of her she stretches Faye’s legs out so she can see every part of her.


13th July 2010
Length of video: 6:27
Matron Jenny

Matron is one of the naughtier members of staff and she proves it tonight as she sneaks into my bedroom to wait for me, hoping to seduce me. As she sits on my bed in her sexy red baby doll and holdups she starts to wonder if it would be better if she was naked, so she slowly strips off her lingerie and lies waiting for me with her legs parted.


7th June 2010
Length of video: 6:23
Matron Jenny, Miss Taylor

Faye is skiving her PE lesson by hiding in the bike shed. Thinking she will be safe from being caught she does not know Matron is about to find her. As Faye begs Matron not to tell Miss Hayley Matron sees an opportunity and promises she will keep her skiving a secret if she can get a little kiss in return, and Faye has no choice but to agree.


15th May 2010
Number of pictures: 120
Jade-Victoria Price, Matron Jenny

Jade-Victoria has hurt her knee during hockey practise and has been sent see Matron. Matron insists she must strip to get a proper examination. So Jade-Victoria reluctantly agrees and slowly strips off her tight little sports kit will Matrons help. Once naked Matron bandages her knee and sends her on her way so she is left alone to strip too!


13th April 2010
Length of video: 4:23
Matron Jenny, Miss Taylor

Faye is hoping to sneak out for a night on the town with the boys from the school opposite. Doing her best to creep silently down the stairs she is out of luck, as it is a night were I have sent one of the staff to keep watch. Caught out she is ordered back to bed once Matron has seen her strip completely naked out of her sexy little party outfit & cute lingerie!


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